Monday, December 15, 2008

My Celebrity Twins!

This is fun. I got Michelle Branch, Priety Zinta, and Sophia Lauren more than once, so I must bear more than a passing resemblance to them. I also think its funny that I resemble bow wow, and  I'm glad I resemble Scarlett Johansson

Friday, December 12, 2008

Now that I'm awake...

Ah now that I have gotten about five hours of sleep, (I still feel a little bit cracked out on no sleep but I'm way better than before) I am going to give a rundown of what all happened in the last two days mostly so I don't forget. I have sort of forgotten a lot of stuff that was said and everything that I wanted to write down oh well. 

ok 7:00 I went there and we got cafe rio and they went around the room asking us what we thought our skills were on a level of one to 3. They already had me written down as a level 3 animator. I don't know how THAT happened, but I'm not complaining. They gave me a scene that apparently wasn't working well when the actual animator was doing it (!!!) so they made me redo it. So I did. They seemed to like the movement I put in the trunk. I looked at footage of actual elephant trunk movement, so I don't know. Hopefully it gets final approval, so I can get my name put in the credits. 

So I was working on that for quite a while and the other animators and I were working and chatting and everything for the first couple hours, I kept having to redo the trunk movement, because at first, the tusks were looking wonky, so they just had me trace over the trunk and do the tusks on a separate layer, and then this one part looked weird too, so I did that over about a million times but finally It got the approval of the lead animator, and It was great. I got to ring the little bell saying my scene was done. That was great. So I passed my scene to this guy for cleanup, and I got another scene, well part of one, where the elephant blinks, in an "unflappable" way and then he kind of flaps his ears. They liked the eye blink, but the ears looked bad, So I had to redo them a bunch of times, and by the time I re-did them everyone was gone since it was like, 7:30 in the morning, so I handed it in, and was kind of like "forget this I'm going home" and I left. 

There was this guy walking around periodically giving all of us snacks, and stuff which was really nice. So much junk food. I took a carrot later on from the veggie platter and it was wierd. The contrast I mean. It was like a health shock. funny. 

I walked home around 7:45 and I was wearing the same clothes from the day before. One of the animator guys I was talking to was like "You are going to go home wearing the same clothes as yesterday, and smelling like boys. How scandalous" It was funny, and there are more guys in animation than girls. They also told all us pre-animation students that we were great and so dedicated and stuff. It made me happy. 

Animation people are totally my kind of people, I we have similar senses of humor and of course, we re interested in the same things. It was so fun and I would totally do it again, except not for a while, because I need some time to recover. 

I want to get into this program so bad!!!! If I don't I don't know what I would do. 

And Just for kicks, here is my flour sack animation from animation class. The timing is sort of weird. Oh well. GAH Now that I ALREADY TURNED IT IN I see all these mistakes. GRRRRR

In other news, I went to the library on saturday to try and get some studying in/write my anthropology paper. I saw Tanner and sat by him and finished my paper, and then I went to the cougareat with him and we sat in there talking for like 3 hours. It was pretty great.  

So Sleepy

in exactly 50 minutes. (from 8:11 AM) I will have been awake for 24 hours. I've never stayed up this long before. And the killing part is, that I have to stay up. There was this all-nighter animation thing  (oh my gosh my bed has never looked more inviting) and it was way fun and everything and I felt like this was a really good experience, and my name is probably going to be in the credits, and hopefully this lets people know who I am so they know I'm dedicated, and they let me in!!!! I feel sort of dead right now, but I must resist the burning desire to sleep. 

I am still wearing the same clothes from yesterday since Abby is occupying the shower and I can't take one right now obviously so yea I'm on my blog. I don't know what I'm saying. I Smell like cafe rio. 

I realized a while ago that I have this freakish obsessive sort of aspect about me that makes me want to keep trucking at something until Its done. thats why it probably sucks to go to museums with m because I don't want to stop until I've gone through the whole thing, and even then I want to keep going. Yeah, I'm the same way with a lot of things. Like apparently animation. I stayed a little after everyone left so I could get this stupid elephant thing right.

Ah. These review sessions are at the worst times ever. Boo. I want to sleep.  

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The End of the Beginnning

Well, its the end of my first semester here at BYU. And, I'm not gonna lie, its sort of sad. I liked my classes. Agh, this happens to me all the time, I like a class and once I get comfortable with it, it ends and I have to start all over again. I liked my teachers, they were cool. Oh well. Its time for me to do new things. 

Looking back on this first semester at BYU I feel like this was a great choice. Its fun, and the school work is challenging, and mostly interesting. The people are generally good, and you can stay out really late and not be super concerned about your safety and everything. I sort of feel BYU is kind of in its own little bubble, but its ok. I've made friends and lots of people know who I am, which is pretty good too. Everywhere I go it seems like people know me, it's kind of a nice feeling. 

I have finals coming up now. I have sociology on monday, art history on wednesday, physical science whenever and book of mormon whenever. my weekend is going to be a BLAST! not. 

Tonight I have this Animation all-nighter thing where we work on the Blind Men and the Elephant, which is kind of a bid deal, since its going to be aired on the BYU channel and possibly go up for student emmys. This kid in my Art History class told me that getting involved is a sure way to get into the program, so this is a great opportunity for me. I'm just not too thrilled about staying up till who knows when working on this thing since I'm sort of tired from staying up late watching Gilmore Girls. Its better than I remember it. 

Monday, December 8, 2008

the sense impending doom

Why am I blogging at a time like this? I'll tell you why. Because I CAN'T FOCUS!!!!! at least I'm not playing Pixie Hollow right now which is far too childish for a college student with exams coming nigh to be playing on. But hey I'm getting so close to GOT the high score on Harvest Hustle I can't help myself. Ah. Well 

So here goes my life: 


That was the day of the ward party which was sort of boring. I wish we could have gone to Salt Lake to see the lights because this other ward, which consequently has this guy I really like in it, plus tons of other people I hang out with. But no. We had to listen to this guy talk about the Jerusalem center and what not. Then Me, Chanel, Rachel, and Abby went to the Dollar Store, didn't buy anything, came back, took parking lot photos. Then we Saw Nick and Nora's infinite playlist, which was funny in that sort of Juno/indie way 

I worked on my last Anthropology paper, Then I watched Gilmore Girls on DVD with Abby, Then we had dinner and we talked about sat movies like My Girl and Titanic, and then Childhood movies and they all teased me (aka. Emily, Abby, Nicole, and Christian) about being a fan of Hunchback of Notre Dame. Now its a running joke. Plus, I pronounced Patrick Swayze's name like "swah-zee" instead of "Sway-zee" and thats a joke too
Then Me, Abby and Emily went to the Divine Comedy show, and it was a lot funnier than the last time. Plus I got more glow sticks. We got in free because Emily's sister is in the show and we got to sneak in through the back which was rad. 
It was funny, Jake, the guy that took me on that SUPER long date, we call him the Marathon Dater, came up to me, and he had JUST gotten back from Salt Lake to see the Christmas lights with Hannah, and he sits down and after I had told him I had played tetris all day, and he was all "wow! you play tetris?!I've Never heard of a girl that plays tetris!" And then he was all "I've never gone up to the y, wanna go?" And its like 1:00 in the morning and I'm like "Heck no!" Plus hiking halfway up a mountain in this kind of weather would give me frostbite like my pioneer ancestor. Then Jake offered me his coat and I was like No way am  I Hiking the Y at a time like this. Goodnight.
Then Me Abby, and Nicole watched Dirty Dancing, The good parts, and we had a grand time. 

Church, Floor meeting, discussed the cleaning checks which sound rather ridiculous. Our RA just got engaged. Too bad she isn't going to be leaving before school is over. Me and Victoria joked about how It would be way cooler if I was the RA instead. Haha. Then I went to the Cannon for dinner. It was fast sunday, so it was impossible to find a seat. I ate with Hyrum which was nice. He's good to talk to. He is Tanner's roommate and I told him how I never eat at the cougareat except once, and he was all "oh you mean that one time with Tanner?" Thats good right? I mean That means he is talking about me sometimes. Anyway, I dunno I'll see what happens. Then I went to the Christmas Devotional broadcast, and when I came back Jake was standing there being all "Look! I made it upstairs!" Since he had never been to the third floor for visiting hours. I suspect he wanted to come to my room, but no way was I going to let him in I had work to do.

I suspect Jake likes me, which I sort of wish wasn't the case because I want someone else to like me... 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Boo :(

Remember those sunglasses I mentioned monday? well someone bought them! AGH!!!!! I wanted those and they were only $12 dollars! GRRR! 
No Fair. I love that style of sunglasses. Oh well. I totally should have bought them when I saw them. Now some punk is going to be walking around in MY shades. Well whatever... 

I still hate that song Christmas Shoes by the way. Its dumb. Rachel and Abby think I'm some kind of scrooge but really This song just shows how materialistic people are. Jesus doesn't care about your shoes, and a dying mom would be thinking of more important things than some nice shoes. Like oh I don't know, maybe SPENDING TIME WITH HER SON rather than making him go out and but some shoes she only gets to wear once. 

I bet that mom and her kid are doing some secret crime spree. She sends her son out with this sob story to get rich people to buy her stuff since she's supposedly about to die and the kid is too poor to give his mom her dying wish. And then her and her son live it up on all the nice swag they get from rich people they just scammed. 

Ok well thats probably not true, BUT If that mom who is dying is only thinking about shoes, that just goes to show how materialistic we are becoming. 

Walk Cycle

this is my walk cycle for animation class, Its not perfected yet but its way better than my first attempt: 

Ugly right? At least I fixed it. Sorta. Needs some work but hey. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


On tuesday, after my classes were all done, I saw Twilight again with this girl that I met in the cannon center. we took the bus which I loved because I got a pus pass, and I haven't really had a chance to use it. I loved Twilight its so great, haha. I had gotten an Email about working on the animation that the people in the actual major are working on for Student Emmys which was cool, so directly after the movie, I went to the HFAC and got my assignment, cleanup, and worked on that for a while with this other guy. 

When I was done, I went back to my dorm and since it was like, 8 the cannon was closed, so I ordered a pizza from the Legends Grille and ate like half the pizza. Then, Hannah came over and we chatted for a long time and then I went to bed. 

I woke up and Joel, the guy from the animation thing called me and said that the guy would be looking over our stuff at like, 12 so I went over there, and basically I did it all wrong. and at 12:45 I went and met my Aunt at the Cannon, and we went to this chinese grocery store to get stuff for pot stickers and then we stopped at this other shop in Spanish Fork so my cousin could get some screws for his tap shoes, and he got some for free since apparently they don't make that type anymore, and the owner hadn't sold those for years. 

Then, once we got to my aunts house, I helped make pies, and pot stickers, and we watched Enchanted. My cousins analyzed that waltz at the end which is apparently NOT a waltz, then we watched National Treasure which is a really good movie, it reminded me of home. We ate some pie that didn't work out so well too. 
Later I worked on my paper and got a few pages done. 



My mom called me and was all "OH! you found your phone!" And I was like what? because I definitely did not loose it. Apparently Uncle Scott saw on facebook that I joined this group that was like "I lost my phone" its like facebook culture. If someone loses their phone, they make a group so they can get the numbers they lost. 

For breakfast we had this weird oatmeal. It was good though. I worked on the cleanup that I did a crappy job on before. Watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, well we fast forwarded through all the boring parts. It was funny Kristen Chenoworth (the chick who was Glinda in Wicked, and sings Taylor the Latte Boy)

Taylor The Latte Boy - Kristin Chenoweth

Um i worked on my paper some more, and Dawnika was there too helping me with it, sort of. Being moral support. Then it was dinner which was delicious. Not quite the same as thanksgiving at home, since there weren't any greens, macaroni and cheese, or waldorf salad, but it was still really good. We watched Kung Fu Panda too, and after Kira and Dasha went to bed, we watched National Treasure 2. Which was good. And we had some delicious pies. 


Woke up and had some pancakes which were good. And we discussed the horrible economy and how all these great businesses are failing. Sad day. Then I came back to the empty dorm. it was fantastic not having anyone around and I could play my music as loud as I wanted. I worked on my paper some more, and turned in my fixed cleanups, and was bored for some more. Eventually, Joel called me and was like, Hey lets look over the cleanups. So I went over, and he decided to do the whole thing since there were some inconsistencies and I tried to inbetween this trunk swaying thing. So, we'll see what happens.


Then Hannah called, abut going to see Wall-E with a bunch of people at the dollar theater, so we saw that and after that we went to Denny's and ate, it was like, really late. But it was fun. After that we walked back to the dorms, well outside them since it was after 1:30, and we aren't allowed in the opposite gender's places after that time. It was freezing out there. Then we were like talking and stuff and then we watched Hitch and it wasn't over till like, 5:00 in the MORNING! that was totally the latest I've ever stayed up. I promptly went to sleep afterwards. 


Woke up around noon. Was in my pajamas for like the whole day almost. I worked on my paper I took a shower and washed my hair, and I Got dressed in my schlumpy clothes. Called the fam. Then went to the cannon center but it was closed :( Abby and Emily were back so we went to the Wyview Creamery and I got tons of stuff with my meal card that wasn't even food. Like batteries, and blank CDs since I have a lot of extra money on my card. We then went to Hollywood video and I bought Music and Lyrics. Love it, and million dollar baby which I've never seen but I had to get it since it was 2 for 10. We then watched Home Alone and ate ice cream. 


It was so nice, only and hour of church and I finished my paper, took a really relaxing nap, ate some cannon food, and watched a charlie brown christmas. Everyone was back though and it was kinda sad cause I miss having my own


Monday, December 1, 2008


 these sunglasses are so CUTE I think I kind of want them. Especially since I lost my black ones that were shaped like that. 

there are tons of other way cute vintage stuff there on that site. Like this dress

the stuff on that website is so cute. I would so buy stuff off of there except A. I'm not entirely sure what my size is at the present time inches wise and B. I always feel really guilty when I spend money especially since right now I don't have a job and C. I would feel weird buying stuff online I have to buy my sister's christmas present online soon and I still get wierded out thinking about it. I'll talk about thanksgiving tomorrow. Later!