Friday, December 12, 2008

Now that I'm awake...

Ah now that I have gotten about five hours of sleep, (I still feel a little bit cracked out on no sleep but I'm way better than before) I am going to give a rundown of what all happened in the last two days mostly so I don't forget. I have sort of forgotten a lot of stuff that was said and everything that I wanted to write down oh well. 

ok 7:00 I went there and we got cafe rio and they went around the room asking us what we thought our skills were on a level of one to 3. They already had me written down as a level 3 animator. I don't know how THAT happened, but I'm not complaining. They gave me a scene that apparently wasn't working well when the actual animator was doing it (!!!) so they made me redo it. So I did. They seemed to like the movement I put in the trunk. I looked at footage of actual elephant trunk movement, so I don't know. Hopefully it gets final approval, so I can get my name put in the credits. 

So I was working on that for quite a while and the other animators and I were working and chatting and everything for the first couple hours, I kept having to redo the trunk movement, because at first, the tusks were looking wonky, so they just had me trace over the trunk and do the tusks on a separate layer, and then this one part looked weird too, so I did that over about a million times but finally It got the approval of the lead animator, and It was great. I got to ring the little bell saying my scene was done. That was great. So I passed my scene to this guy for cleanup, and I got another scene, well part of one, where the elephant blinks, in an "unflappable" way and then he kind of flaps his ears. They liked the eye blink, but the ears looked bad, So I had to redo them a bunch of times, and by the time I re-did them everyone was gone since it was like, 7:30 in the morning, so I handed it in, and was kind of like "forget this I'm going home" and I left. 

There was this guy walking around periodically giving all of us snacks, and stuff which was really nice. So much junk food. I took a carrot later on from the veggie platter and it was wierd. The contrast I mean. It was like a health shock. funny. 

I walked home around 7:45 and I was wearing the same clothes from the day before. One of the animator guys I was talking to was like "You are going to go home wearing the same clothes as yesterday, and smelling like boys. How scandalous" It was funny, and there are more guys in animation than girls. They also told all us pre-animation students that we were great and so dedicated and stuff. It made me happy. 

Animation people are totally my kind of people, I we have similar senses of humor and of course, we re interested in the same things. It was so fun and I would totally do it again, except not for a while, because I need some time to recover. 

I want to get into this program so bad!!!! If I don't I don't know what I would do. 

And Just for kicks, here is my flour sack animation from animation class. The timing is sort of weird. Oh well. GAH Now that I ALREADY TURNED IT IN I see all these mistakes. GRRRRR

In other news, I went to the library on saturday to try and get some studying in/write my anthropology paper. I saw Tanner and sat by him and finished my paper, and then I went to the cougareat with him and we sat in there talking for like 3 hours. It was pretty great.  

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