Tuesday, September 30, 2008


so its been a while since I posted. Nothing extremely exciting happened to me the past week or so ergo I didn't post anything. Midterms are upon me and I already took the Physical Science one. I did average. Meaning I'm pretty sure I got a C. Its ok. I wasn't really sure what to expect, and I was memorizing things I didn't really need to and sort of skimming over the stuff which I did need.
My next test is Book of Mormon. It starts tomorrow and ends saturday. I'm probably going to end up taking it on friday since I'm going to General Conference on Saturday AND Sunday. I'm not too sure how I feel about Conference. I mean, at home we only watched the Sunday morning session. I hope the talks are engaging. Today at the devotional, which I went to because I missed the one on sunday and I felt bad, there was a guy from the quorum of the 70 and it was super boring. He talked with the same tone someone would use to put a kid to sleep I couldn't pay attention at all! I hope conference is better than that, or I may have to bring my sketchbook along to practice life-drawing so I don't fall asleep. I know thats rotten to say because these people have important things to say, but really, they could spice it up a bit to keep people interested. 

Anyway, back to where I was going with this, I was reading up some stuff for anthropology and eating some sour patch watermelons, (I've been eating a lot of those lately) and my throat started hurting. From the sour bits irritating me or am I getting sick? I REALLY Hope that I don't get sick. That would be wretched. The thing is I've been feeling great. No allergies or anything. last year when I came over Rosh Hashanah (which ironically is today) I had terrible allergies. Hopefully the ill feeling I have is more due to the candy than germs. I'm really cold too. I don't know if thats from my possible illness, or because the room is freaking FREEZING because Chanel is one of those people who is hot all the time or whatever and she likes the room to be at 70 degrees with the fan on High. I hope I feel better. Getting sick right now would be TERRIBLE! 

Sunday, September 21, 2008


The weekends here are so fun! So on Friday, which is becoming my favorite day of the week was sweet. After class my roommate Chanel and her twin sister Cami and I went to the mall. I didn't buy anything though because I wasn't in a very shoppy mood. Then we came back and bought 2 pizzas and ate those which was delicious, and I watched the Office. I've quickly fallen in love with that show. Its so good I can't believe I've never seen it before.  Then I went to Fall Fest with my friend Kelli. we waited in line for face painting forever. I got a giraffe on my face. Anyway, then we saw Hyrum and Tanner and these two girls they were with and we went to this lame comedy show. It was all improv and I didn't think It was that hilarious but Kelli did. I laughed a little. Tanner said he looked at me and thought it was funny how I wasn't even smiling. but hey, they weren't that funny. 
Afterwards fall fest was over and we were standing around trying to decide what to do. Hyrum heard that they were giving away free drinks at Legends Grille so we trekked over there and there was a dance going on in there, but we went straight to the free sodas. I got a root beer. Then we found this dude named Thomas who was in the group last week with the big signs game. the group of us chatted a bit joking around. They thought it was funny how they couldn't really tell if I was being sarcastic or not, and we walked back to Merrill Hall and I tried to learn piano. Then we played psychiatrist and at 1:30 they kicked us out and we played murder in the dark again. After that kinda died when people started going back to the dorms, Tanner decided to talk about parasites and stuff which was freaky but everyone in the group was talking about how they wanted to be doctors so it was relevant . And then we told jokes and then I went back at like 3:00.
I don't know why playing dumb games all night is so fun but it totally is. I guess those people are my Friday posse. 

Today we went to a football game and it was so hot I was dying. We left early, me cami and chanel that is, and we got some jamba juice and I watched more of the Office. (Its so great) Then I worked on the ward program, and went to a Foreign film called Black Orpheus. Which was 90% dancing 10% plot. it was kinda bizarre. Don't feel like explaining it now, just look it up on IMDB if you care. 

Anyway. Yay weekends! Tomorrow I have to do homework which isn't so fantastic, but hey. 
And before you say anything about my work ethic (That means you Mom) Just remember. I never did my homework on fridays or saturdays at home and I turned out fine.  

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Oh man today was so fun. I was done with classes at like, 11 so I went back to the dorm to get stuff done. I took my first online HEPE (Health) quiz and got a 94% It was torture. I had to read all about cardio and muscle and flexibility workouts and I felt really guilty about how I don't do any of those workouts. Anyway, then I read for Anthropology and then I watched project runway on the Chinese Youtube because the normal one is blocked. Its ok because it was all in english and there were chinese subtitles. 

Then I saw prince Caspian at the Varsity theatre with Kelli. It was only a dollar and it was amazing. The audience was great laughing and "ooohing" and "Awwwing" and catcalling at all the right parts it was great. Then we went to this lame block party a million miles away and when we got there it was all lame I did get free "Lyma Bean" stickers though...Lyma Bean is like a wannabe facebook. FYI. Then Kelli and I left and we went to her friend Hyrum's dorm and played this game called signs for a really long time till like 1:30 AM with some of his dorm friends and these other girls then they kicked us out and we played Murder in the Dark until like 3. It was way fun hanging out with all them for so long. Then, since Kelli lives off-campus, Me, Tanner, Hyrum, Jeremy, and this other girl whose name escapes me but I think was Megan all walked her home. past Rape hill and we were safe. I almost tripped a million times though. The boys were very chivalrous and wouldn't let us go home all alone in the scary provo darkness. I dunno it was super fun and it was the latest I've ever stayed out before. It was like 3:40 something when I got back. I'm glad my roommate decided to go home this weekend because she would have thought I was insane. Maybe its good that I think I have insomnia. It keeps me up late so I can do fun stuff like that. It probably sounds stupid and everytihng but you had to be there to realize how fun it was. I feel like a real teenager now since before I never did stuff like that. I was always at home.
Good Stuff. 
Sorry Mom. I know you probably don't approve but it was great.  

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Early Days of School

ok this is what my side of the room looks like since i know you were dying to see. That blue shirt on my bed was the one I got from the meeting during orientation about art. I was so excited since I always wanted to get a free shirt and since i didn't get one in the raffle I was way happy. The walls are so bare. I want to put a poster or something on them but I don't know what kind to get. or where to get cute ones. BYU blocked allposters.com so I can't look for a nice one either. I kind of like this one
but I don't exactly have the means to go about getting it. I saw one at Bed Bath and Beyond but still. Don't think that will be falling into my hands anytime soon. Maybe I should hang my own art up. Problem is, the walls are so big and my paper is so small it would just look extremely dorky I think. 

Then there was this dance where this boy from DC I know was like talking to me which I was relieved at first, because I didn't really see anyone I knew except Blythe but she was with those stupid Potomac girls so I couldn't deal with them, but then he like wouldn't leave me alone so I sort of wandered off into the crowd and found people for my Y-Group and then he like practically followed me home. Later on the dude invited me to a soccer game and I wasn't particularly interested in going but when the dude CALLED me to see if I was coming when I said I was going to get a jacket and must have been taking a really long time I figured why not? I wasn't doing anything else at the time. Its got awkward, I ran out of stuff to say. I don't really want to talk to anyone I already knew from Maryland. I sorta wanted to start over, you know? I feel like since people don't know me I'm not tied down to my old reputation or whatever. 

It rained one day and it got pretty cold outside and on top of the mountain it snowed! I thought it was so amazing I couldn't stop staring at the snow-capped peaks. It was so cool! My roommate Chanel wasn't so impressed but I sure was. 

Class is alright. Almost all of them are huge and I'm not sure how well I'm gonna do with that, but for the most part the teachers Professors seem nice enough. I already have plenty of homework though. not fun.