Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Idle Man's Brain is the Devil's Workshop

So as of late, I have had to go to the animation lab basically with all my free time and work on animation stuff, and all the free time that I had not doing animation stuff, I have been using to do my actual homework. However, when I went down there at like, 10:00 yesterday, (Thats right 10:00 at NIGHT) The producer told me she had no work for me for the time being, and that I could go home. Then she gave me a ride home. I didn't have any work today either.

 And you know what I did with my free time? Thats right, I spent hours on facebook playing tetris marathon in the futile attempt at beating my best score. After that got boring I ichatted with Ji-Hye for a long time. and tried to make my blog better looking. What do you think by the way? Is it good? I don't know about the picture at the top, but I had to have SOMETHING. I'm going to try to fix more of it in the near future. But you wouldn't believe how long it took me to get to the point it's at now. AKA FIVE HOURS! I switched templates like 3 times, changed the background on the previous 2 templates a million times, had to learn CSS so I could change the backgrounds find background images, you get the point. Plus, I was looking at blogs from disney animators. And guess what its 10:42 and I still haven't started cracking on my French. 

(Mom if you are reading this, my homework will be completed tonight. I don't have a lot)

Ooh tomorrow after Art history (which I must have hallucinated dreamed up an e-mail that the TA's they would be starting the class late since the teacher wouldn't be there.) I have to go to a thing about Moliere, this old dead French guy, and write a thing about him and what he teaches me about french culture. 

Ah obviously I need work to do in order to manage my time properly, because otherwise I will just waste my time doing pointless stuff. like I am right now.  

The End. 
Time for French

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The busy life

Ah life has been extremely busy for me lately. Monday was a great day since it was the second of 2 three-day weekends. It was gorgeous outside, and I walked around campus with my FHE group, taking photos for the photo scavenger hunt. Then I went to the animation lab, and worked on stuff for that. Then I saw Twilight at the dollar theater with Tanner and Thomas and some other girls. The 7:30 showing was sold out so we waited to see the 9:30 one. It was great because we walked around ShopKo and I cranked down a "Minimal" which is a tiny plastic toy of an animal. Tanner also stuffed a giant gum ball in his mouth. That was funny. So we were messing around in the ShopKo for a while, and then we went to Cold Stone and I got this big ice cream. No one thought I would be able to finish it, but I dominated it. Then was twilight, where we got the most buttery popcorn conceivable. It was great. 

Tuesday, I can't even remember. I had monday classes. I dunno. It was probably a great day. 

Wednesday, AKA the longest day of my life. First was social dance. We did the cha cha. Then I had a break in between that and french in which I did my french homework, because I hadn't finished it the day before on account of staying until like 12:30 at the animation lab. Then I played tetris when I was done for like 10 minutes. Then French. Then there was an hour break in between that and my Book of Mormon test, so I went down to the cannon center and it was like chocolate day there or something. There was a big chocolate fountain and tons of chocolate desert. It was great! Tanner was there and I talked with him for a bit, but he had to run to work. I went to book of mormon, and felt really bad cause I fell asleep. I was so tired. Then I went to the animation lab, where we had gotten told off for being in there and being 'disruptive' or something so I had to give my picture and lots of other stuff, and now I feel wierd about going in there. I left, went to the social dance lab, which was a lot more fun than I expected, I danced a lot with Tanner and Thomas, but they left and I danced with some other people. A girl stepped on my foot with her heel and now its bruised. I was kinda gimpy when I got up this morning. Then I went to the animation lab again, and worked on some stuff, and got home at 1:30. There were some girls on the floor who looked at me still in my dress from the dance lab, who were like "Oooh Meredith where have you been?" As if I had been on a date or something. Nope. I was coloring in some eyeballs and elephant legs. 

Today, I am tired, and I have no idea when I'm going to go to bed tonight.  

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

So yesterday was Valentine's Day. and for basically the whole day, I was holed up in my room writing a book of mormon paper. Then I got out and went to the cannon center with some people. I basically had the option of going and seeing australia, or going to the dance. I chose the dance. It was way fun. I hung out with the boys from Merrill Hall since they are way more fun than the stupid Budge boys I danced two times with Hyrum, and twice with Tanner. (hehe) It was so great. 

It was annoying trying to get there because I saw some girls on my floor who were going, and I didn't wanna show up alone so I was like "Hey can I go up with you?" And they were like "Sure!" and basically, one of the girls had a car and it had snowed earlier and it was super icy, and we were trying to clear the ice off the windows, without one of those scraper things. Then she got in, and tried to start the car for at least 15 minutes. I was dying because A. These girls aren't really my friends and B. I really wanted to go to the dance and hang out with the Merrill people since they are fun. Finally, we decided to forgo the car, and we went to our lobby to get the lame-o budge boys. (ugh) and we caught the shuttle. As soon as I got there, I sort of ditched them, walked around the dance floor looking for someone I knew (feeling really lame since who shows up to a dance alone? Uh no one.) 

Then Hyrum and all them saw me, but they went to go do karaoke so I went with an art friend and her friends. Then I re-found Tanner and Hyrum and a couple of the chipman girls that they were with. I forgot to mention them before. I slow danced with Hyrum, but Tanner was just standing there, and there was totally this other girl who is fully from his home town and he didn't even ask her to dance. (hmm...) then there were the lame-o jumping songs. Swing dancing, with Hyrum again. And Then he left and Tanner asked me to dance on the slow songs. Somewhere in there we got drinks, and I stopped to throw my cup away and looked back

Then the dance was over and they were cleaning up and they had these lamps that looked like Narnia lamps and I was like "Ah these lamps remind me of Narnia" and that Mckay kid was like "I still haven't seen the second Narnia movie," So I jumped at that opportunity and said that I had it and that we should watch it. So we rode back in the shuttle, then I ran in to get the movie, my laptop, and I changed out of my sequin skirt into some pants. Then we went to Merrill Hall so Tanner could get his car keys. Then we ran to his car since he wanted to get to Dairy Queen before it closed and we had like eight minutes. Only his windows were covered in ice and snow too, so he had to scrape it off. Mckay and I sat in there and talked about stuff that only happens at BYU. Like Tunnel singing, and class getting canceled because the T.A. that was supposed to teach got married (that was funny). Then we drove to Dairy Queen and we got there right when it closed and the guy inside looked at us through the window and like, waved his arms trying to tell us he was closed. So I suggested we go to the Malt Shoppe which is this place that has been there since the fifties at least and we got sundaes. It was so great. After that we watched the movie and made jokes about it the whole time. So great. Then it was around 3 or so when it was over, and tanner offered me a ride the really short distance from the parking spot to the door, but I declined since that would be a waste of gas. And that was it. So great.

If he really does like me, which I can't really tell if he does or not, It seems like it, but I dunno, he is probably shy about it or something. 

Gah what is wrong with me? I am starting to sound like my sister, during her Eric phase. What's even worse is that I think that this video is really hilarious. I am obviously a closet Jonas Brothers fan. Ugh. What is wrong with me? 

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spring is in the Air

Ah it's so great the weather has been so nice lately, in the 40's which is pleasantly warm all things considered, Its funny how my perspective changes though. In Maryland, It It got this warm before March, I'd get really angry and I would rant about how horrible global warming is. But here, its been so cold that I can hardly stand it. and the snow is really no fun for me since unlike in the good state of Maryland, you don't get a day off, and BYU sucks at clearing snow away, so you slide around on the compacted snow and ice all the time. So yeah, I love the fact it is a little warm. 

I just had some Jamba Juice oatmeal. the apple cinnamon flavor is sublime. And their fresh squeezed orange juice is fantastic as well. 

The BYU film students made this interactive mystery thing where you find clues on campus, and me and my friend Lauren are into it. Its fun being sleuth-y. Thats all for now.