Thursday, April 30, 2009


Oh boy, so two day ago I started a REAL JOB. None of this babysitting business even though I made bank doing that. No. I work in this Property management company, and I am some kind of assistant or something. I answer calls sometimes, and put invoices in numerical order. And also read off numbers of those invoices to this guy who probably doesn't actually need me to do that. Mostly I just read articles online so it looks like I am not being dumb being on facebook, although yesterday I did beat my personal best score for tetris. I also played Sudoku. I am learning a lot about the swine flu, and Obama's Presidency. And about museums.

In this endeavor, I have discovered something about myself. I REALLY dislike not doing anything. I feel like I would rather be using my time, doing something USEFUL. Like I don't know... getting better at my drawing skills. I have to say, I am disillusioned by Real Jobs. I can't imagine why on earth anyone would ever invent such a mindless job, let alone do one day after day. I am glad that (Lord willing) I am going into a field in which I will be doing something fun and creative with my time.

Voila the art that illustrates the life.

Just FYI Its not so bad that I have this job Per se. It irks me that I have to do essentially nothing for 5 1/2 hours a day when I could be working at something that will ultimately help my future. Ineed time to work on improving my art skills so I can grow up and NOT have a job where I sit at a desk and waste time all day.

I sort of wish I had gone into retail. If I worked at the mall at least I'd get a discount.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Goodbye BYU

Today I came home from BYU, and it was really sad. Everyone was so nice, and helpful and great here. I am really going to miss going to Divine Comedy and going out and playing stupid games in the middle of the night with everyone, and being in the Animation Lab, and generally having things to do with my free time. Now I just have to discipline myself and draw during all that downtime.

PS I was invited to Reapply in August.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Bridge Between us is a Rainbow.

OK first of all, Wow, I have gotten such the inspirational positive support for everything. Its true that animation people are the best kind of people. I appreciate it SO much, you have no idea. It has made my 'wallowing in self pity' period super short lived, and has inspired me to work super hard this summer on my art so I will most definitely get in. I needed a year (semester? we'll see once I get the letter. I SO hope they ask me to reapply in August) to work on my generals since I was stupid and didn't get American Heritage out of the way last semester. I took Sociology instead which was good, but unnecessary.

Anyway, This is so a blessing in disguise. I bet I didn't get into animation because God knew that if I didn't work on generals, I would spend all my time doing animation stuff, and not work hard in my other classes and that would be BAD.

I don't know if that's true or not, but I like to think so.

Anyway, I saw High School Musical 17 again. Starring Zac Efron. Not going to lie. The previews make it look really stupid, but it was way funnier than I expected. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, seeing the Zefron playing someone different than Troy Bolton a la High School Musical was really refreshing. You can tell it was made for a wider audience and It was generally a very happy surprise.

The only thing that bugs me about Zefron is that his eyes never seem to be looking at anything. Like , I know his eyes are pointed at people, but there is like, no connection. Wierd. I bet he is secretly a really hot robot.

I'll try and post some art next time. Since that is my new goal, to regale you with great masterpieces. Sweet.

Packing up all your stuff is super lame just FYI

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sorry everybody.

Sorry about my freak out the past two entries fellow bloggers. I was sort of freaking out because...well...I have a lot of anxiety about doing well in school and the idea of having only a 3.0 sort of revolts me. Also being in animation is the only career I envision for myself seriously. Or else a globe trekker. but I don't think they offer a globe trekking major. Anyway I've decided to post some figure drawings to get some input.

That is all I feel like posting right now. give me some advice because obviously I need it. Cynthia said I needed to work on legs and arms, and I see what she means. I sort of stink at them. Voila my summer project.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well that Sucks

Oh my gosh. I just got my grades for my figure drawing class. Surprise I got an 83% which in that class means a B-!!!!! I am SO upset about that. How does someone get a B-? Honestly, on the first day of class he said he was going to be judging based on Improvement. And HELLO I have improved A LOT. He said I need to learn to control my strokes, He told me to lighten up. That is hard for me because I naturally have a really tough grip on stuff. Just ask my partner for Social dance. Either way, I thought I was getting better at that. But apparently not. And apparently this lowered my points a lot. B-. Man why is my life so awful lately? I need a vacation. I am sort of freaking out a little about my grades. I feel like i am probably going to get straight b's and that is unacceptable. I am about to have some major anxiety issues I think

Here are my grades so far.
Social Dance: B+
Figure Drawing: B-
French: I have around an 88% I NEED to get an A on the Final to possibly get an A- I don't know if that is going to happen though.
Book of Mormon: I also have an 88% in book of mormon. same deal as french. Still don't know if thats going to happen
Art History: ??

I feel so much like a failure right now. You know who also was not accepted into art school?

Thats right ADOLF HITLER!!! And we all know what happened to him. He became an Evil Dictator.

I'm just saying.

commence panic attack.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Ah, so I am like, 99% sure I didn't make it into the animation program. I sort of thought I wouldn't make it, because my drawing skills weren't as strong as other people's. I mean I'm not AWFUL, but I'm not the best either. I mean, I can see improvements but still that really means nothing. The only thing I had going for me was my killer work ethic. But, even though I have work ethic coming out of my ears, and the faculty liked my work on Blind Men and the Elephant, I guess thats not enough. I really feel like if I would have gotten in I would improve way more, being surrounded by all of these animation people

So now I have a problem. I am not really sure I should apply again. I don't know how much I CAN improve with the same teacher. He kind of sucked. So Now I need a fallback. Thinking about it now, I don't really know what I would WANT to do. All of the other majors seem like a whole lot of work, in the form of paper writing and a lot of stuff that is boring. Animation is a lot of work, but it is work that I am interested in. Does anyone have any ideas what a good major would be for me? I am stumped. This is when being a Jack of All Trades but Master of None really stinks.

Should I try again next year? I dunno. I don't really want to waste a year if I don't get in. But I also don't really know what to do with all that time.

Give me some input!