Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well that Sucks

Oh my gosh. I just got my grades for my figure drawing class. Surprise I got an 83% which in that class means a B-!!!!! I am SO upset about that. How does someone get a B-? Honestly, on the first day of class he said he was going to be judging based on Improvement. And HELLO I have improved A LOT. He said I need to learn to control my strokes, He told me to lighten up. That is hard for me because I naturally have a really tough grip on stuff. Just ask my partner for Social dance. Either way, I thought I was getting better at that. But apparently not. And apparently this lowered my points a lot. B-. Man why is my life so awful lately? I need a vacation. I am sort of freaking out a little about my grades. I feel like i am probably going to get straight b's and that is unacceptable. I am about to have some major anxiety issues I think

Here are my grades so far.
Social Dance: B+
Figure Drawing: B-
French: I have around an 88% I NEED to get an A on the Final to possibly get an A- I don't know if that is going to happen though.
Book of Mormon: I also have an 88% in book of mormon. same deal as french. Still don't know if thats going to happen
Art History: ??

I feel so much like a failure right now. You know who also was not accepted into art school?

Thats right ADOLF HITLER!!! And we all know what happened to him. He became an Evil Dictator.

I'm just saying.

commence panic attack.

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Aaron Ludwig said...

With all due sympathy, you're hilarious.