Friday, April 17, 2009

Sorry everybody.

Sorry about my freak out the past two entries fellow bloggers. I was sort of freaking out because...well...I have a lot of anxiety about doing well in school and the idea of having only a 3.0 sort of revolts me. Also being in animation is the only career I envision for myself seriously. Or else a globe trekker. but I don't think they offer a globe trekking major. Anyway I've decided to post some figure drawings to get some input.

That is all I feel like posting right now. give me some advice because obviously I need it. Cynthia said I needed to work on legs and arms, and I see what she means. I sort of stink at them. Voila my summer project.


Ty Carter said...


I'm sorry to hear that you weren't accepted into the program. I wanted to offer some words of encouragement and advice from a life changing failure I had (take it for what its worth).

I used to play soccer like crazy. I seriously was playing for about 3-4 hours 6 days a week and sometimes more. I loved it so much. One year, I was cut from the traveling team. I felt like I was betrayed. Bitterness, anger, and excuses were all I could get out of my mouth. Then it seemed like the world flipped upside down. Family members passed away that year, I was not focusing on God, I neglected always doing good to others, and developed a wishy washy attitude. It wasn't until 6 months later I realized how much I digressed. I stepped back up and decided I'd never do that again. I worked my tail off to get back on the team. I became a second team all region player as a junior. I lead my team to win medals. We won regionals in Colorado, I played in a national tournament in Florida. I became the captain of my high school team. And my senior year climaxed in two broken feet, back to back breaks. I don't know where I'd be if that hadn't happened...but things happen for different reasons. It did make me decide to come to BYU for the animation program (once I broke my feet, there were definitely no chances of college ball). I took what was given to me and made the best of it.

That story has nothing to do with you, nor does it parallel your life. I just share it with you to say, NEVER GIVE UP.

We miss 100% of the shots we don't take. Gretzky

So what if you didn't get in. Cynthia Overman wasn't the best animator in her class and then she worked her tail off and look who she is now, a well known respected animator. Truly, one of the best. And her character reflects her diligent efforts.

The most successful students in the program are the ones who keep improving. There are a handful who were amazing artists when they applied to the program and still are great artists....but have they improved? Perhaps not as much as the ones who were rejected...or even the ones who got in by the skin of their brow, and knew it. people who work to improve and always give their best will always succeed. Those students are the ones who remain humble. They never assume they're better than anyone else. Because they understand anyone can become a great artist. They aren't God's gift to the world. It's about helping others and developing lasting relationships. It's about improvement and quality. They see the end from the beginning.

This is the way I see it.

You are in great shape! You are an amazing, hard working young lady! You have people skills and a good smile, which quite frankly is hard to come by. Don't let the little things you've encountered get in your way. Beat them. prove the odds wrong. Most students just give up after not being accepted. Get into more figure drawing classes! Master the art of figure drawing. Get to know the faculty. Get to know the students. Get to know the projects even more. Start helping on other films. Be an all-star. Work on everything you can while taking the needed time to improve with the feedback you've received. If Cynthia told you what to work on, by golly, go and focus just on those things. Do what your teacher said. Whoever they are, just master the principles they're trying to teach you. They wouldn't be saying it to you for no reason, they want to help.

There's so much criticism you'll get wherever you're at in life. It's what you do with it that matters. Take it and use it, even doing so will help you see good criticism from poor criticism. You'll see improvement allover (skills and character).

Don't let anything make you bitter or sad. There's nothing that could be worse. You don't need six months like me to realize you've digressed. Turn around and stick it to the man. Start today and never have any regrets.




Holly Jolly said...

Wow, you got an awesome response .

From a scary stranger like myself this is what I have to offer.

Your have great proportions on your figure drawings. You seem to have a natural eye and that is extremely important. Your limbs will improve quickly if you just now look for the overall curves and the small angle changes in the body. Granted you have this now, you just need more. If you simplify the angles too much they look too stylized and cartoon like.

Meredith said...


That is seriously the most inspirational thing that anyone has ever said to me. Thank you so much, I needed that. Don't worry I will work my tail off to be great at everything so I can officially have access to the BFA lab.

Ty Carter said...

Ha! Well I know you'll do AWESOMENESS! Keep smiling and work hard, and let me know if you need anything or have any questions.