Thursday, April 30, 2009


Oh boy, so two day ago I started a REAL JOB. None of this babysitting business even though I made bank doing that. No. I work in this Property management company, and I am some kind of assistant or something. I answer calls sometimes, and put invoices in numerical order. And also read off numbers of those invoices to this guy who probably doesn't actually need me to do that. Mostly I just read articles online so it looks like I am not being dumb being on facebook, although yesterday I did beat my personal best score for tetris. I also played Sudoku. I am learning a lot about the swine flu, and Obama's Presidency. And about museums.

In this endeavor, I have discovered something about myself. I REALLY dislike not doing anything. I feel like I would rather be using my time, doing something USEFUL. Like I don't know... getting better at my drawing skills. I have to say, I am disillusioned by Real Jobs. I can't imagine why on earth anyone would ever invent such a mindless job, let alone do one day after day. I am glad that (Lord willing) I am going into a field in which I will be doing something fun and creative with my time.

Voila the art that illustrates the life.

Just FYI Its not so bad that I have this job Per se. It irks me that I have to do essentially nothing for 5 1/2 hours a day when I could be working at something that will ultimately help my future. Ineed time to work on improving my art skills so I can grow up and NOT have a job where I sit at a desk and waste time all day.

I sort of wish I had gone into retail. If I worked at the mall at least I'd get a discount.

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Aaron Ludwig said...

Summer's almost over! Sort of...
Sometimes I dream of playing Quidditch with a giraffe, too!