Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inspiration of the wrong variety

Sorry, no fantastic art from me tonight guys. Why? because I have a problem. Actually, several problems.

1. I have a job that takes up a good portion of the day.

2. I suspect I am an insomniac or else I am nocturnal at heart because I nearly never go to sleep before 2 AM.

3. When I come home from work, all I want to do is sit around looking at blogs, checking my facebook for non-existent notifications, or take dumb personality quizzes, eating ice cream, and reading really stupid fanfics for twilight which I am realizing is kind of a stupid book. A fact that I am reluctant to admit, because when I was 16 and first started reading them, I had a frienemy totally slam the thing. I don't like the fact that she was probably right.

4. That laziness is coupled with the fact that I have terrible seasonal allergies preventing me from wanting to venture outside, and my allergy meds don't seem to have the same kick they used to. Also those allergies seem to have turned into a horrible cold. Or else I have the swine flu. I have gone through far too many tissues, and not being able to breathe well is a hinderance towards my desire to be energetic.

5. Its been raining for days. Also hindering that desire to go outside.

6. The blogs I have been reading are mostly about fashion. Vintage Fashion. AKA my second love. I'm inspired to go shopping and be stylish every day. I also want to get a retro haircut. I have been researching that kind of thing so I can come back in the fall looking really stylish all the time.

What's so bad about all that? Well, besides my starting to get extraordinarily lazy, I also have no desire to go out and draw. I had my sketchbook when I went with my mom and sister to KFC and drew two horrible sketches of people eating their chicken, and waiting for their order before my mom came and was all "Whatcha drawing? Why are you drawing in pen?" I am self conscious about drawing around people that don't draw on account of their not understanding the process very well, and their being disappointed or something when my drawings turn out to be really sketchy or whatever.

I need sleep so I have energy to go somewhere and find a hotspot for people sitting around for semi-long periods of time.

But I don't wanna go to bed.

Yesterday, from the inspirational fashion blogs I've read, I had a sudden desire to photograph all my jewelry. I covered the flash and it gave everything a red tint, which I played with a little with the photo editing junk on iPhoto.

See the Claratin on the table?

I took at least 20 variations of this photo.

I am so dumb.

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Aaron Ludwig said...

I hate showing non-artists my sketchbook too. I always want to read a disclaimer like, "Warning: The contents of this sketchbook may not be very well drawn. This, in fact, is the purpose of the sketchbook, as the owner and operator is trying to improve his or her methods and talents. Please withhold all judgement, and refrain from having a confused look on your face, while awkwardly handing the sketchbook back to the author."