Thursday, February 19, 2009

The busy life

Ah life has been extremely busy for me lately. Monday was a great day since it was the second of 2 three-day weekends. It was gorgeous outside, and I walked around campus with my FHE group, taking photos for the photo scavenger hunt. Then I went to the animation lab, and worked on stuff for that. Then I saw Twilight at the dollar theater with Tanner and Thomas and some other girls. The 7:30 showing was sold out so we waited to see the 9:30 one. It was great because we walked around ShopKo and I cranked down a "Minimal" which is a tiny plastic toy of an animal. Tanner also stuffed a giant gum ball in his mouth. That was funny. So we were messing around in the ShopKo for a while, and then we went to Cold Stone and I got this big ice cream. No one thought I would be able to finish it, but I dominated it. Then was twilight, where we got the most buttery popcorn conceivable. It was great. 

Tuesday, I can't even remember. I had monday classes. I dunno. It was probably a great day. 

Wednesday, AKA the longest day of my life. First was social dance. We did the cha cha. Then I had a break in between that and french in which I did my french homework, because I hadn't finished it the day before on account of staying until like 12:30 at the animation lab. Then I played tetris when I was done for like 10 minutes. Then French. Then there was an hour break in between that and my Book of Mormon test, so I went down to the cannon center and it was like chocolate day there or something. There was a big chocolate fountain and tons of chocolate desert. It was great! Tanner was there and I talked with him for a bit, but he had to run to work. I went to book of mormon, and felt really bad cause I fell asleep. I was so tired. Then I went to the animation lab, where we had gotten told off for being in there and being 'disruptive' or something so I had to give my picture and lots of other stuff, and now I feel wierd about going in there. I left, went to the social dance lab, which was a lot more fun than I expected, I danced a lot with Tanner and Thomas, but they left and I danced with some other people. A girl stepped on my foot with her heel and now its bruised. I was kinda gimpy when I got up this morning. Then I went to the animation lab again, and worked on some stuff, and got home at 1:30. There were some girls on the floor who looked at me still in my dress from the dance lab, who were like "Oooh Meredith where have you been?" As if I had been on a date or something. Nope. I was coloring in some eyeballs and elephant legs. 

Today, I am tired, and I have no idea when I'm going to go to bed tonight.  

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