Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Idle Man's Brain is the Devil's Workshop

So as of late, I have had to go to the animation lab basically with all my free time and work on animation stuff, and all the free time that I had not doing animation stuff, I have been using to do my actual homework. However, when I went down there at like, 10:00 yesterday, (Thats right 10:00 at NIGHT) The producer told me she had no work for me for the time being, and that I could go home. Then she gave me a ride home. I didn't have any work today either.

 And you know what I did with my free time? Thats right, I spent hours on facebook playing tetris marathon in the futile attempt at beating my best score. After that got boring I ichatted with Ji-Hye for a long time. and tried to make my blog better looking. What do you think by the way? Is it good? I don't know about the picture at the top, but I had to have SOMETHING. I'm going to try to fix more of it in the near future. But you wouldn't believe how long it took me to get to the point it's at now. AKA FIVE HOURS! I switched templates like 3 times, changed the background on the previous 2 templates a million times, had to learn CSS so I could change the backgrounds find background images, you get the point. Plus, I was looking at blogs from disney animators. And guess what its 10:42 and I still haven't started cracking on my French. 

(Mom if you are reading this, my homework will be completed tonight. I don't have a lot)

Ooh tomorrow after Art history (which I must have hallucinated dreamed up an e-mail that the TA's they would be starting the class late since the teacher wouldn't be there.) I have to go to a thing about Moliere, this old dead French guy, and write a thing about him and what he teaches me about french culture. 

Ah obviously I need work to do in order to manage my time properly, because otherwise I will just waste my time doing pointless stuff. like I am right now.  

The End. 
Time for French

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Anonymous said...

Your blog design looks great! now get back to your homework :-) - Dad