Thursday, March 19, 2009

So I was sitting in the HFAC drawing people, and In the glass I saw the reflection of Barney that was playing in the lobby of KBYU studios. I turned quickly around only to see this creature dancing around with Barney, and Baby Bop. What on earth kind of dinosaur is that thing supposed to be anyway? I feel like Barney has gone downhill from when I was a kid. Baby Bop used to be as tall as Barney. Uh In other news, it was my birthday on monday. I got these sweet headphones. a photo will be up here as soon as my acne clears up. Hmm, what else... I went on a date with this boy named McKay. By all rights, I should totally love him because he likes all the same music as me and jeez he is part polynesian and part chinese, and I have always said I wanted to marry someone that was half asian and something else so my kids could be 4 different races and be super cool. And he also knows about Dave Chappelle, and not that many people here know who he is/appreciates that humor. But really, I find him sort of boring. Maybe its because I'm sort of hung up on someone else, but I dunno. This is the second date I've been on with him, but like, talking to him isn't really that interesting. But he really likes me. I'm not just saying that either. He keeps being like "I tried to get tickets for Divine Comedy, but I guess we'll just have to go to the next show then. And I'm like "Yeah!" But on the inside I'm more like "ehhh I don't really want to go with you" So conflicted. I mean, I think he's moderately fun to be around, and I like him well enough, so I don't want to be mean and like, I was also made assistant producer on The Blind Men and the Elephant (see the blog at Pretty sweet huh? Looks like all my hard work is paying off. Hopefully it gives me an edge on my competition... We'll see. Its getting close to the time where I have to apply. It kind of freaks me out. I need to finish my sketchbook really bad. I foresee a trip to the bean museum in the near future. 

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