Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I HATE Tuesday

So I REALLY abhor tuesdays. And this one is going especially bad. Actually Yesterday is the root of my problem. Actually make that Sunday.

Sunday: I wasn't feeling super great because, well, I am a girl, if you get my drift, and I was really fatigued and in pain. So I felt really badly when I was at the temple dedication broadcast and I sort of kept drifting in and out of sleep. The dedication was pretty great, President Monson is pretty awesome. I liked the part at the end where we got to wave hanky's around and then sing.

Anyway, when I went back home a. I had No food since the Cannon Center Closed at 3, and thats when church got out, and our ward was the only one that was in session for the whole 3 hours. and b. I still felt wretched and couldn't concentrate on anything. So I didn't really get started on any of my homework. I felt that ill. Unfortunately for me, I got dreadfully behind in my homework.

Monday: Because I got so behind on sunday I had a ton to do last night. In the form of writing a paper that was 5-7 pages long. I could only use 2 online sources. I went to dinner, Skipping FHE and, oh thats right McKay sees me walking in and is like "Oh you're going to eat? I'll be right in" And I'm kind of like, no I don't really want to sit by you thanks so I sit down with Cami and Chanel and I can see him cruising around the cannon casually getting food and I get up to get some cereal and he finds me, and this is our conversation, Him "Hey where are you sitting?"
Me. "over there with those twins"
Him: "Oh Is there room"
Me: "Uh I dunno.."
And then he follows me over to the table and sits there and we chat for a bit, and then, I leave and I went back to my dorm to write my paper.
Then I realized that the books I had were not adequate to answer my prompt for the paper so I high-tail it to the library at like 9:00 to get information. I involved a painting by Peter Paul Rubens, and ALL of the books about the man were in a FOREIGN LANGUAGE! HOW am I supposed to get information from a book that is in GERMAN? I was so annoyed, So I had to fluff up the little information I got online. Anyway push comes to shove, after the library closes at 12 I went back, I finished at 3. and went to bed. Good thing it was only a rough draft that had to be turned in, and only one of my peers will be proofreading it.

Then, after I was snug in my bed, I got one of those excruciating leg cramp things, and had to ease my leg back into a comfortable enough state to sleep.

This morning I woke up totally exhausted because of my late night + the freak leg cramp (which happened in both legs) and I got up to go to class. I got ready in less than 10 mins, even though it hurt to walk around since every time my legs do that thing it hurts the next morning. and I shuffled off to class and was early for once in my life. Then we learned about post-impressionism.

Then I sat in the Wilk, being angry that everything closes for devotional and I can never get anything to eat on tuesdays. I saw McKay in the distance. I am pretty observant since back in middle school I wanted to be a spy and so I learned to observe my surroundings. Usually I see a lot of people I know in any given place when they don't notice me. I was glad he didn't see me at any rate. Then I did my french homework.

I looked at my phone and it was freaking out. The screen turned pink and blacked out. Then I looked later and it was fine. and later it freaked out in different ways. Its busted.

Then I went to french. Then went directly to film class, and looked up french recipes during that. The best clip in that was this one from a B movie called "The Leopard Man" in which this white girl, pretending to be hispanic was like "Mamacita I can't go out and get corn meal for you a leopard escaped yesterday and they haven't caught it yet" And the mom was like "Have you ever seen a leopard before? No. Now go!" So the girl goes to the close by store and they are closed so she has to go far away to this other store where se has to go under this dark bridge. She goes through ok and gets the corn meal and on the way back she goes under this other section where its lighter, and she sees 2 glowing eyes. Rather than turn back like a sane person, she thinks she imagined it or something and she walks in and SURPRISE! the leopard is there. Next thing we know, she's banging on the door, screaming "Mamacita the leopard is following me! Let me in!" this whole shot is from the inside of the house and the mom is like "stop that screaming you better have the corn meal bla bla bla, the mom doesn't let her in. Then we hear the leopard scream and attack her and the mom freaks out but the door doesn't open and the mom and the brother try to break it down but it was too late, and we see a trickle of blood under the door.

I also discovered in that class that Buster Keaton was built.

Then I finally went to taco bell and got some food. Then I went home, and then went to the Creamery on 9th and got ingredients to make some Madelines, this french cookie-type thing, and went over to Kelli's apartment to make them. After I made them, thy were decent by the way a little toasted since I didn't have a madeline tin, I went to get my figure drawing stuff, and ran to figure drawing class, where this dude named Dallon, who I met the past week since he was friends with my friend Thomas, was the model. It was sort of funny.

Then I went home and worked on french.

I'm sort of writing this from hindsight, I started this at the height of my stressful day, but now I've mellowed out and I'm not so stressed.

Oh wait. I have a French test tomorrow. :(

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