Friday, March 27, 2009

Shoes, Animation, and Life

I love these shoes. I think they are SO cute Link And they are only $30 bucks. I really want to get them Maybe I will. I need some shoes that color since I had flats that were that color, and I totally walked a hole in them. It makes it hard to match with a couple of my outfits without those shoes. is a truly great website. If anyone wants to make me very happy, just get me a gift certificate for that store. Oh My gosh. Mom. PLEASE tell me you want me to buy these shoes. I haven't gone shopping in SO long. I haven't set foot in a mall since December. My wardrobe is boring, and I don't have shoes that go with the springy weather, since I was a fool and only brought winter clothes. Not that its really warm here. But still.

Animation. Well, my animation portfolio is due on Wednesday. It is kind of freaking me out. I kind of have this feeling/fear that I won't get in, and that will be really sad because its A) The only job I think I would be happy doing, since I get impassioned easily. When something interests me I glom onto it like no other, but I also get bored of things really quickly. I am involved in a project now and I'm still fully invested in it which is rare for me, because usually when I get really into things, I loose interest and move on. That is different for this project. I still am really interested. And B) I know tons of people in the animation program, and people always mistake me for being in it. And it would be SO sad if I didn't get in.

Hm I'm being really whiny right now. but I am seriously freaked out.

Life. Well, the other day they showed Dean Duncan, the guy that teaches my film class, and one of the faculty members that is in charge of this project, the credit plates that I did for the blind men and the elephant, and he was so impressed. He was like "You did this?" And he really liked the storybook quality that it had. He even asked if I would still be interested in doing more of these Children's Media Initiative films because he said they had another one they were planning on doing, and he liked the style I did the credits in and thought that style would be good in this other movie. He told me to keep in touch with them if I didn't get into the program. Yeah! I'm so thrilled about that!

Here's the Video

Its funnier when you watch this one with it

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