Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spring is in the Air

Ah it's so great the weather has been so nice lately, in the 40's which is pleasantly warm all things considered, Its funny how my perspective changes though. In Maryland, It It got this warm before March, I'd get really angry and I would rant about how horrible global warming is. But here, its been so cold that I can hardly stand it. and the snow is really no fun for me since unlike in the good state of Maryland, you don't get a day off, and BYU sucks at clearing snow away, so you slide around on the compacted snow and ice all the time. So yeah, I love the fact it is a little warm. 

I just had some Jamba Juice oatmeal. the apple cinnamon flavor is sublime. And their fresh squeezed orange juice is fantastic as well. 

The BYU film students made this interactive mystery thing where you find clues on campus, and me and my friend Lauren are into it. Its fun being sleuth-y. Thats all for now. 


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