Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Early Days of School

ok this is what my side of the room looks like since i know you were dying to see. That blue shirt on my bed was the one I got from the meeting during orientation about art. I was so excited since I always wanted to get a free shirt and since i didn't get one in the raffle I was way happy. The walls are so bare. I want to put a poster or something on them but I don't know what kind to get. or where to get cute ones. BYU blocked so I can't look for a nice one either. I kind of like this one
but I don't exactly have the means to go about getting it. I saw one at Bed Bath and Beyond but still. Don't think that will be falling into my hands anytime soon. Maybe I should hang my own art up. Problem is, the walls are so big and my paper is so small it would just look extremely dorky I think. 

Then there was this dance where this boy from DC I know was like talking to me which I was relieved at first, because I didn't really see anyone I knew except Blythe but she was with those stupid Potomac girls so I couldn't deal with them, but then he like wouldn't leave me alone so I sort of wandered off into the crowd and found people for my Y-Group and then he like practically followed me home. Later on the dude invited me to a soccer game and I wasn't particularly interested in going but when the dude CALLED me to see if I was coming when I said I was going to get a jacket and must have been taking a really long time I figured why not? I wasn't doing anything else at the time. Its got awkward, I ran out of stuff to say. I don't really want to talk to anyone I already knew from Maryland. I sorta wanted to start over, you know? I feel like since people don't know me I'm not tied down to my old reputation or whatever. 

It rained one day and it got pretty cold outside and on top of the mountain it snowed! I thought it was so amazing I couldn't stop staring at the snow-capped peaks. It was so cool! My roommate Chanel wasn't so impressed but I sure was. 

Class is alright. Almost all of them are huge and I'm not sure how well I'm gonna do with that, but for the most part the teachers Professors seem nice enough. I already have plenty of homework though. not fun. 


beverly in kentlands said...

Meredith, I can send you some posters. I think I know what you might like. You need to change your pillow case to match your new sheets. I'll look for the Vogue poster at Bed Bath and Beyond. Don't get to friendly with that boy. Love, mom.

Meredith said...

oh my gosh mom. you are weird. And I bought two posters yesterday at the poster sale. PS I try and avoid that dude as much as possible. he annoys me.

xocaitlinx3 said...

HAHA come your dorm looks different from everyone elses. just wondering... cuz yours looks like a somewhat decent girls camp room indoors, while i've seen other pics on facebook and they look like an actual dorm. good luck avoiding that guy. he seems weird. you should tell me you don't like him like that then he'd back off...