Saturday, September 13, 2008


Oh man today was so fun. I was done with classes at like, 11 so I went back to the dorm to get stuff done. I took my first online HEPE (Health) quiz and got a 94% It was torture. I had to read all about cardio and muscle and flexibility workouts and I felt really guilty about how I don't do any of those workouts. Anyway, then I read for Anthropology and then I watched project runway on the Chinese Youtube because the normal one is blocked. Its ok because it was all in english and there were chinese subtitles. 

Then I saw prince Caspian at the Varsity theatre with Kelli. It was only a dollar and it was amazing. The audience was great laughing and "ooohing" and "Awwwing" and catcalling at all the right parts it was great. Then we went to this lame block party a million miles away and when we got there it was all lame I did get free "Lyma Bean" stickers though...Lyma Bean is like a wannabe facebook. FYI. Then Kelli and I left and we went to her friend Hyrum's dorm and played this game called signs for a really long time till like 1:30 AM with some of his dorm friends and these other girls then they kicked us out and we played Murder in the Dark until like 3. It was way fun hanging out with all them for so long. Then, since Kelli lives off-campus, Me, Tanner, Hyrum, Jeremy, and this other girl whose name escapes me but I think was Megan all walked her home. past Rape hill and we were safe. I almost tripped a million times though. The boys were very chivalrous and wouldn't let us go home all alone in the scary provo darkness. I dunno it was super fun and it was the latest I've ever stayed out before. It was like 3:40 something when I got back. I'm glad my roommate decided to go home this weekend because she would have thought I was insane. Maybe its good that I think I have insomnia. It keeps me up late so I can do fun stuff like that. It probably sounds stupid and everytihng but you had to be there to realize how fun it was. I feel like a real teenager now since before I never did stuff like that. I was always at home.
Good Stuff. 
Sorry Mom. I know you probably don't approve but it was great.  


Anonymous said...

Meredith Moulton, what are you doing? I guess it's your time to grow up. But don't do it too often. I thought you would have a curfew? Guess not. Just be careful. Sounds like you had fun. o.k. Love, mom.

xocaitlinx3 said...

HAHA good job meredith. your first teenage thing.