Sunday, September 21, 2008


The weekends here are so fun! So on Friday, which is becoming my favorite day of the week was sweet. After class my roommate Chanel and her twin sister Cami and I went to the mall. I didn't buy anything though because I wasn't in a very shoppy mood. Then we came back and bought 2 pizzas and ate those which was delicious, and I watched the Office. I've quickly fallen in love with that show. Its so good I can't believe I've never seen it before.  Then I went to Fall Fest with my friend Kelli. we waited in line for face painting forever. I got a giraffe on my face. Anyway, then we saw Hyrum and Tanner and these two girls they were with and we went to this lame comedy show. It was all improv and I didn't think It was that hilarious but Kelli did. I laughed a little. Tanner said he looked at me and thought it was funny how I wasn't even smiling. but hey, they weren't that funny. 
Afterwards fall fest was over and we were standing around trying to decide what to do. Hyrum heard that they were giving away free drinks at Legends Grille so we trekked over there and there was a dance going on in there, but we went straight to the free sodas. I got a root beer. Then we found this dude named Thomas who was in the group last week with the big signs game. the group of us chatted a bit joking around. They thought it was funny how they couldn't really tell if I was being sarcastic or not, and we walked back to Merrill Hall and I tried to learn piano. Then we played psychiatrist and at 1:30 they kicked us out and we played murder in the dark again. After that kinda died when people started going back to the dorms, Tanner decided to talk about parasites and stuff which was freaky but everyone in the group was talking about how they wanted to be doctors so it was relevant . And then we told jokes and then I went back at like 3:00.
I don't know why playing dumb games all night is so fun but it totally is. I guess those people are my Friday posse. 

Today we went to a football game and it was so hot I was dying. We left early, me cami and chanel that is, and we got some jamba juice and I watched more of the Office. (Its so great) Then I worked on the ward program, and went to a Foreign film called Black Orpheus. Which was 90% dancing 10% plot. it was kinda bizarre. Don't feel like explaining it now, just look it up on IMDB if you care. 

Anyway. Yay weekends! Tomorrow I have to do homework which isn't so fantastic, but hey. 
And before you say anything about my work ethic (That means you Mom) Just remember. I never did my homework on fridays or saturdays at home and I turned out fine.  

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