Tuesday, September 30, 2008


so its been a while since I posted. Nothing extremely exciting happened to me the past week or so ergo I didn't post anything. Midterms are upon me and I already took the Physical Science one. I did average. Meaning I'm pretty sure I got a C. Its ok. I wasn't really sure what to expect, and I was memorizing things I didn't really need to and sort of skimming over the stuff which I did need.
My next test is Book of Mormon. It starts tomorrow and ends saturday. I'm probably going to end up taking it on friday since I'm going to General Conference on Saturday AND Sunday. I'm not too sure how I feel about Conference. I mean, at home we only watched the Sunday morning session. I hope the talks are engaging. Today at the devotional, which I went to because I missed the one on sunday and I felt bad, there was a guy from the quorum of the 70 and it was super boring. He talked with the same tone someone would use to put a kid to sleep I couldn't pay attention at all! I hope conference is better than that, or I may have to bring my sketchbook along to practice life-drawing so I don't fall asleep. I know thats rotten to say because these people have important things to say, but really, they could spice it up a bit to keep people interested. 

Anyway, back to where I was going with this, I was reading up some stuff for anthropology and eating some sour patch watermelons, (I've been eating a lot of those lately) and my throat started hurting. From the sour bits irritating me or am I getting sick? I REALLY Hope that I don't get sick. That would be wretched. The thing is I've been feeling great. No allergies or anything. last year when I came over Rosh Hashanah (which ironically is today) I had terrible allergies. Hopefully the ill feeling I have is more due to the candy than germs. I'm really cold too. I don't know if thats from my possible illness, or because the room is freaking FREEZING because Chanel is one of those people who is hot all the time or whatever and she likes the room to be at 70 degrees with the fan on High. I hope I feel better. Getting sick right now would be TERRIBLE! 

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