Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wishful Thinking Wishlist

Ok so I know its only the first day of october, but the anthropology catalogue came in the mail and I've been seeing a ton of completely adorable things out there so I've decided to start my Christmas Wishlist! Granted I know for sure I won't get probably anything on this list because it would add up to be around a million dollars. Ok not really but stuff from anthropology is super expensive so I'm not expecting it. I just want to have everything down in one place so I can look at what might have been... 
It looks weird at first but on the model it looks cool. 
$60.00 (I like the Green ones)

Thats all for right now. I really need to do my sociology homework... 
Like I said. I don't actually expect to get anything on this list... Its a wishful thinking wishlist for a reason

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