Thursday, October 9, 2008

A million surveys

So BYU keeps emailing me surveys to do which take forever and a day to do. Like, this Book of Mormon one which is 107 questions, and I don't know how many are left I just finished and now I can get a $5 gift card to the BYU Bookstore. Snazzy. I also am taking another survey which asks you how you spend your time and you become eligible to win $250 to the BYU bookstore, which will be nice come next semester. Speaking of the bookstore, I need to buy some stamps so I can mail off my absentee ballot request form... 

I also got this email that leads you to this website . Spooky right? and then you click on the thing at the bottom that says "Tunnels" and that leads you to a website that just has a lot of static and a countdown and it says "The Tunnels are Haunted" I wonder what's happening in 21 days? That's almost Halloween... If its something Halloween related I'll be so happy because I think Halloween is so fun. 

Anyway, Conference was cool, much better in real life. It was sorta annoying at dinner though because I was by far the youngest person so these ladies were all talking about mammograms and cholesterol and stuff and I was dying. Then they started showing me photos of grandkids and stuff. So Fun! Not. 

Apparently according to and the weather thing on the mac dashboard, its supposed to rain/snow on saturday!!!!! I was checking it in class and I like, gasped. Luckily there were a bunch of really annoying loud girls behind me that sorta muted that exciting gasping sound I made. But really I LOVE snow!!!!!! It never even was SUGGESTED that there might be snow so early in the year. How cool is that?! 

In Sociology we went to this website and did this thing where you can connect even the most obscure actors with Kevin Bacon using the 6 Degrees of separation. Its a pretty interesting thing, considering the people I know, who know people I'm practically famous! But not as famous as the guy that sits next to me, Apparently he dated some chick who was in that Nickelodeon show, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. The girl who played Missy Meany. (!!!) 

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