Monday, October 13, 2008

Taste the Rainbow

Man I love skittles. Anyway, weather is getting frigid out here. It was snowing on saturday and a couple flakes are falling today. Its so weird. Its only october, and the temperature is in the 30s 

So I went shopping, bought some new skinny jeans, a couple of t-shirts, a headband and some hair clips. Good stuff. 

I am so exhausted I stayed up till 1:30 or later trying to study for art history and then trying to finish my Book of Mormon reading, and then I had to wake up especially early to type my page on the most significant verse. 

Anyway, so last night at ward prayer somebody asked me out! This is practically the first time anyone ever asked me out. His name is Jake and he's from Texas. It was cute he comes up to me and is like "Hey I realized I don't have your number!" And I was like "Oh yeah...Do you want it?" So I gave it to him, and then the ward business sort of took over, in a lull in the activity, he asked if I was afraid of heights and I said not really. After that was over, he was like "I was wondering if you would like to go somewhere this weekend, like rock climbing," and I was like "sure," because I've been climbing before at Calleva or whatever for some mutual thing. Anyway, he was said something to the effect of "depending on how warm it is outside, we can either go rock climbing or do something fun involving giant soap bubbles" which to me sounds cool because bubbles are sweet. And then he said "So we can make it like a date...?" And I said sure, and he said he would get another couple and make it a double to alleviate the awkwardness and then he said he'd been wanting to ask me for a while and  he just didn't because he didn't have my number. 

I think thats so nice because no one really ever asked me out on dates except this one weird boy and a couple of nerds, but this time a cute normal boy said he's been wanting to ask me for a long time and that makes me happy. maybe I'm not cursed after all. I kinda want this hot boy in my Sociology class to ask me out, but I dunno if he ever will so I'm not gonna grow old and die waiting for him so what the heck? May as well go on a date with Jake. I mean he's nice and pretty cute so why not? I did dance with him at the ward social thing where we learned country swing. he was the best partner because he was the one that was least confused. 

I'm gonna die of exhaustion I need to write a paper about the bushmen  due on wednesday, 7 pages I only have 1. UGH!  

And my art history test=no fun! the essay took forever she had us put too many examples so I was crunched for time and I had no idea about a bunch of the multiple choice, because I was focusing on the art themselves more than the actual sites of excavation. I hope I didn't totally fail it. Its probably a good sign I'm worried. Every time I think I fail I always get a good grade, so we'll see. Maybe I was a lucky guesser this time. 

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