Friday, August 29, 2008


ok so Orientation. Yesterday we walked around campus forever and looked at stuff but that doesn't matter because I still am so lost. I got my books and my ID though and did a lot of little stuff before that. so after walking around for like, ever, we wound up at Helaman Field and they gave us "barbeque" It was basically a burger bun with this weird chicken stuff inside and you could put barbeque sauce on it. And so we ate and stuff. I talked mostly to my roommate Chanel and the girl that shares the bathroom, Rachel and Chanel's twin sister Cami. all of them seem pretty cool so it was good. Then we started watching this weird movie called "The Forbidden Kingdom" But we couldn't really understand what was going on, and it was cold, so we went back to our dorm room  The only thing I remember was that the Maeser Building is built over a graveyard, and the hill behind it is called "rape hill" so we prolly shouldn't walk back there at night.

Today we went on another walk and learned about buying books. and listened to these boring talks about school and byu I don't remember and we watched a very dorky movie about making friends. another movie then showed about the history of BYU which was interesting. then we had lunch, I met this girl from Hawaii and another Utah girl and we played that dumb human knot game. Then there was a talk about a byu education that started off interesting, but got boring really fast. Then we had the multicultural thing which was boring too. They had these people come out in traditional clothes and they sang. I was expecting them to dance or something. Then we spoke with our multicultural advisors. Woo! 

And then I dunno I just came to my room and chilled there with my roommate. and had delicious burgers at the cannon center. And then we had this thing called tradition of honor. That was something. They had tap dancing which I wasn't too impressed with and singing which was very impressive, Then this thing in which they had a skit about the honor code. and how its cool to live by it and whatnot. then this group which is apparently slightly famous who I can't remember the name of sang their christian pop songs. and then the funniest thing happened it was so mormon! The Y group leaders had to like, sing with these fake candles and be all inspiring and stuff and just as we were about to leave, the guy in the opening band was like "Normally you would be leaving now, but this guy here wrote this girl a song and he'd like to sing it for her" So that guy got the band to play along as he sang this song to her in front of practically all the freshman and then there was this line that went "I get down on one knee" or something like that and he did and everyone started screaming and he popped out the ring and obviously she said yes, and then it was all la di da love! yay! but really. how could she say no and embarrass the poor guy like that? I can't believe its only my second day and already I've witnessed a marriage proposal. haha.   

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