Tuesday, August 26, 2008


so today I didn't really know what to do so we went to the Aquarium and the Zoo! 
(haha I'm in the hotel lobby and the guy here is whistling the song that that rooster whistles at the beginning of Disney's Robin Hood movie) 

The aquarium was so small! it was 8 bucks to get in there, 7 for me, because I'm a student, and there were literally only two rooms. the first area was the aquatic life in Utah. Did you know Utah had aquatic life? I didn't either. I mean it IS a desert. It had these June suckers which are fish that used to be very abundant in Utah lake until those pioneers came and brought some european fish and those fish sorta took over the lake and the pioneers ate them and eventually that european fish are more abundant then those poor june suckers. There are only about a thousand or something left. There were also frogs, and brine ship which are the only things that can live in the Salt lake. Its funny, in Environmental Science last year, we did an experiment with them in which we basically put them in varying concentrations of windex and saw how many could stay alive. It brought me back. Good times. There were also tons of trout.  

The second part had the sea creatures. It had some jellyfish which were pretty sweet and this octopus and of course the tropical fish. Its sort of annoying to me how parents point out the clownfish and say "Look Its Nemo!" AGH Its so irritating. they could just say its a clownfish which is just as fun a word as "Nemo" is.
There were also the rays which were in the little touch pool They feel cool very soft and squishy. I sort of think they are cute. Too bad that one killed Steve Irwin. That kinda ruins their reputation. 
And that was it. we wound up at the gift shop. I wanted to buy a stingray toy but I decided against it. But really I like toys way more than an 18-year-old ought to. 
we had lunch there and I had a smoothie that was in a plastic cup made from Corn and it was 100% compostable. They should make everything out of that

Then we went to the Hogle Zoo. 8 dollars again for both my dad and I and it was nice. Very small especially compared to the National Zoo and that one's free. It was nice though. There was a rare white alligator, and elephants, one was pregnant. Elephants are pregnant for 22 months. Thats a long time. There was also a tiger and a leopard and a cheetah and a wolf a few giraffes There was a baby one. I Love giraffes! lots of monkeys and two bears oh and we saw a sloth. that was cool. The zoo was small so that it was really easy to see the whole thing in a relatively short amount of time which made it nice. Maybe I'll volunteer there sometime. I love animals! 
If I was really really rich, I would donate a couple million dollars to the zoo, probably the national one, to make the elephant house and the enclosure way bigger. probably the big cats area too. The poor animals probably hate sitting around in the same old area all the time with hardly any room when compared to the savannah or whatever. The thing I liked about the zoo here is that they routinely move the big cats around so that they always have a newish area to explore so they don't get too bored. Maybe I would take those millions of dollars and make a safari park instead so they could be in a nice big habitat. Yeah so If I get really rich thats what I'll do. When I get old I'll take my money and open a safari park. or make the elephant area bigger. 

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