Monday, August 25, 2008

Hello Hello!

This is the first time I got internet access since I came to Utah. I'm in the hotel lobby because thats the only place that gets a constant internet connection. I had been sorta mooching internet off of someone who didn't have a password in the room but that wasn't working so well. 

Anyway, I found out that I don't need to take English. YAY! I always do alright in English class but thats kind of a weight being lifted off my chest. No papers for me to write. About English stuff anyway. In its place I'm taking Physical Science. Science is ok and it's one of those requirements so I'm doing that. I suppose I could drop my history class but I really don't want to at this point because I really like history. So right now Im signed up for 16 credit hours out of the maximum 18 and I don't really want to add anymore until I get used to the flow of college education. Thats also the reason that as of now I'm not taking any honors classes because this is a new experience and I really don't want to jump in and be overwhelmed and swamped by the whole thing. If I do well this semester I'll try the honors thing. But not right now. It looks really bad to fail an honors class. 

So Utah is a strange place. Its a quiet sleepy sort of place and the people are very friendly. Almost TOO friendly. Its gorgeous of course in that dry crunchy sort of way and its very flat except for the mountains. Its sorta funny because when we went to the salt lake temple's visitor center the missionary there asked me if I wanted a book of mormon and I said "I already have one, I actually am already mormon" haha 

We also visited BYU's visitor center and the girl there was extremely excited. We came in and when she learned I was going to be attending there she sorta exploded and was like "YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I LOVE IT HERE!!!!" Based on all the reviews I've gotten so far BYU sounds a bit like Disneyland. people always tell me how fun it is. 

We got in a fender bender in the Denny's parking lot. The rental car is a Dodge Magnum and although it looks something like a hearse it's tough. The other man's car got a dent but ours got a little scratch and thats it. 

Anyway, I miss my mom after we said goodbye at the airport, my I couldn't stop crying until after I'd been in the hotel a bit. I feel bad. I was all weeping during breakfast at Denny's the waitress probably thought I was having some big issues. Then we went to temple square, still crying a bit on my side and since it was sunday, and we weren't at church the nice missionary asked If I wanted a tour. But I'd been there before and I didn't really need one. Plus most of the stuff in there was stuff I'd been learning since I was born practically. 

Had dinner with my relatives, that day, My cousin and I discussed the founding fathers and politics a bit. They don't seem to like Obama. Right now I like him a lot and before, I was considering McCain but ever since I heard he can't use a computer plus his smearing Obama instead of telling what he actually wants to accomplish makes my respect for him go way down. Also the fact that he is so old that I don't really think he'll last very long if he became president. The stress of the job ages men younger than him and I think the job just might do him in. We also talked about how racist people are. It was funny sort of. 

Anyway I gotta go, My battery is almost dead. Wish me luck. I check into the dorm tomorrow. Not gonna lie, I'm nervous!  

Love, Meredith 

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Anonymous said...

Reading between the lines, I got the impression that you think we are McCain fans. Sadly, we dislike him as well. I agree, smearing Obama is not very ethical, but he does it because it works, like it has for others before him.

Aunt Linda