Monday, December 8, 2008

the sense impending doom

Why am I blogging at a time like this? I'll tell you why. Because I CAN'T FOCUS!!!!! at least I'm not playing Pixie Hollow right now which is far too childish for a college student with exams coming nigh to be playing on. But hey I'm getting so close to GOT the high score on Harvest Hustle I can't help myself. Ah. Well 

So here goes my life: 


That was the day of the ward party which was sort of boring. I wish we could have gone to Salt Lake to see the lights because this other ward, which consequently has this guy I really like in it, plus tons of other people I hang out with. But no. We had to listen to this guy talk about the Jerusalem center and what not. Then Me, Chanel, Rachel, and Abby went to the Dollar Store, didn't buy anything, came back, took parking lot photos. Then we Saw Nick and Nora's infinite playlist, which was funny in that sort of Juno/indie way 

I worked on my last Anthropology paper, Then I watched Gilmore Girls on DVD with Abby, Then we had dinner and we talked about sat movies like My Girl and Titanic, and then Childhood movies and they all teased me (aka. Emily, Abby, Nicole, and Christian) about being a fan of Hunchback of Notre Dame. Now its a running joke. Plus, I pronounced Patrick Swayze's name like "swah-zee" instead of "Sway-zee" and thats a joke too
Then Me, Abby and Emily went to the Divine Comedy show, and it was a lot funnier than the last time. Plus I got more glow sticks. We got in free because Emily's sister is in the show and we got to sneak in through the back which was rad. 
It was funny, Jake, the guy that took me on that SUPER long date, we call him the Marathon Dater, came up to me, and he had JUST gotten back from Salt Lake to see the Christmas lights with Hannah, and he sits down and after I had told him I had played tetris all day, and he was all "wow! you play tetris?!I've Never heard of a girl that plays tetris!" And then he was all "I've never gone up to the y, wanna go?" And its like 1:00 in the morning and I'm like "Heck no!" Plus hiking halfway up a mountain in this kind of weather would give me frostbite like my pioneer ancestor. Then Jake offered me his coat and I was like No way am  I Hiking the Y at a time like this. Goodnight.
Then Me Abby, and Nicole watched Dirty Dancing, The good parts, and we had a grand time. 

Church, Floor meeting, discussed the cleaning checks which sound rather ridiculous. Our RA just got engaged. Too bad she isn't going to be leaving before school is over. Me and Victoria joked about how It would be way cooler if I was the RA instead. Haha. Then I went to the Cannon for dinner. It was fast sunday, so it was impossible to find a seat. I ate with Hyrum which was nice. He's good to talk to. He is Tanner's roommate and I told him how I never eat at the cougareat except once, and he was all "oh you mean that one time with Tanner?" Thats good right? I mean That means he is talking about me sometimes. Anyway, I dunno I'll see what happens. Then I went to the Christmas Devotional broadcast, and when I came back Jake was standing there being all "Look! I made it upstairs!" Since he had never been to the third floor for visiting hours. I suspect he wanted to come to my room, but no way was I going to let him in I had work to do.

I suspect Jake likes me, which I sort of wish wasn't the case because I want someone else to like me... 

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