Thursday, December 4, 2008

Boo :(

Remember those sunglasses I mentioned monday? well someone bought them! AGH!!!!! I wanted those and they were only $12 dollars! GRRR! 
No Fair. I love that style of sunglasses. Oh well. I totally should have bought them when I saw them. Now some punk is going to be walking around in MY shades. Well whatever... 

I still hate that song Christmas Shoes by the way. Its dumb. Rachel and Abby think I'm some kind of scrooge but really This song just shows how materialistic people are. Jesus doesn't care about your shoes, and a dying mom would be thinking of more important things than some nice shoes. Like oh I don't know, maybe SPENDING TIME WITH HER SON rather than making him go out and but some shoes she only gets to wear once. 

I bet that mom and her kid are doing some secret crime spree. She sends her son out with this sob story to get rich people to buy her stuff since she's supposedly about to die and the kid is too poor to give his mom her dying wish. And then her and her son live it up on all the nice swag they get from rich people they just scammed. 

Ok well thats probably not true, BUT If that mom who is dying is only thinking about shoes, that just goes to show how materialistic we are becoming. 

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