Thursday, December 11, 2008

The End of the Beginnning

Well, its the end of my first semester here at BYU. And, I'm not gonna lie, its sort of sad. I liked my classes. Agh, this happens to me all the time, I like a class and once I get comfortable with it, it ends and I have to start all over again. I liked my teachers, they were cool. Oh well. Its time for me to do new things. 

Looking back on this first semester at BYU I feel like this was a great choice. Its fun, and the school work is challenging, and mostly interesting. The people are generally good, and you can stay out really late and not be super concerned about your safety and everything. I sort of feel BYU is kind of in its own little bubble, but its ok. I've made friends and lots of people know who I am, which is pretty good too. Everywhere I go it seems like people know me, it's kind of a nice feeling. 

I have finals coming up now. I have sociology on monday, art history on wednesday, physical science whenever and book of mormon whenever. my weekend is going to be a BLAST! not. 

Tonight I have this Animation all-nighter thing where we work on the Blind Men and the Elephant, which is kind of a bid deal, since its going to be aired on the BYU channel and possibly go up for student emmys. This kid in my Art History class told me that getting involved is a sure way to get into the program, so this is a great opportunity for me. I'm just not too thrilled about staying up till who knows when working on this thing since I'm sort of tired from staying up late watching Gilmore Girls. Its better than I remember it. 

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