Tuesday, December 2, 2008


On tuesday, after my classes were all done, I saw Twilight again with this girl that I met in the cannon center. we took the bus which I loved because I got a pus pass, and I haven't really had a chance to use it. I loved Twilight its so great, haha. I had gotten an Email about working on the animation that the people in the actual major are working on for Student Emmys which was cool, so directly after the movie, I went to the HFAC and got my assignment, cleanup, and worked on that for a while with this other guy. 

When I was done, I went back to my dorm and since it was like, 8 the cannon was closed, so I ordered a pizza from the Legends Grille and ate like half the pizza. Then, Hannah came over and we chatted for a long time and then I went to bed. 

I woke up and Joel, the guy from the animation thing called me and said that the guy would be looking over our stuff at like, 12 so I went over there, and basically I did it all wrong. and at 12:45 I went and met my Aunt at the Cannon, and we went to this chinese grocery store to get stuff for pot stickers and then we stopped at this other shop in Spanish Fork so my cousin could get some screws for his tap shoes, and he got some for free since apparently they don't make that type anymore, and the owner hadn't sold those for years. 

Then, once we got to my aunts house, I helped make pies, and pot stickers, and we watched Enchanted. My cousins analyzed that waltz at the end which is apparently NOT a waltz, then we watched National Treasure which is a really good movie, it reminded me of home. We ate some pie that didn't work out so well too. 
Later I worked on my paper and got a few pages done. 



My mom called me and was all "OH! you found your phone!" And I was like what? because I definitely did not loose it. Apparently Uncle Scott saw on facebook that I joined this group that was like "I lost my phone" its like facebook culture. If someone loses their phone, they make a group so they can get the numbers they lost. 

For breakfast we had this weird oatmeal. It was good though. I worked on the cleanup that I did a crappy job on before. Watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, well we fast forwarded through all the boring parts. It was funny Kristen Chenoworth (the chick who was Glinda in Wicked, and sings Taylor the Latte Boy)

Taylor The Latte Boy - Kristin Chenoweth

Um i worked on my paper some more, and Dawnika was there too helping me with it, sort of. Being moral support. Then it was dinner which was delicious. Not quite the same as thanksgiving at home, since there weren't any greens, macaroni and cheese, or waldorf salad, but it was still really good. We watched Kung Fu Panda too, and after Kira and Dasha went to bed, we watched National Treasure 2. Which was good. And we had some delicious pies. 


Woke up and had some pancakes which were good. And we discussed the horrible economy and how all these great businesses are failing. Sad day. Then I came back to the empty dorm. it was fantastic not having anyone around and I could play my music as loud as I wanted. I worked on my paper some more, and turned in my fixed cleanups, and was bored for some more. Eventually, Joel called me and was like, Hey lets look over the cleanups. So I went over, and he decided to do the whole thing since there were some inconsistencies and I tried to inbetween this trunk swaying thing. So, we'll see what happens.


Then Hannah called, abut going to see Wall-E with a bunch of people at the dollar theater, so we saw that and after that we went to Denny's and ate, it was like, really late. But it was fun. After that we walked back to the dorms, well outside them since it was after 1:30, and we aren't allowed in the opposite gender's places after that time. It was freezing out there. Then we were like talking and stuff and then we watched Hitch and it wasn't over till like, 5:00 in the MORNING! that was totally the latest I've ever stayed up. I promptly went to sleep afterwards. 


Woke up around noon. Was in my pajamas for like the whole day almost. I worked on my paper I took a shower and washed my hair, and I Got dressed in my schlumpy clothes. Called the fam. Then went to the cannon center but it was closed :( Abby and Emily were back so we went to the Wyview Creamery and I got tons of stuff with my meal card that wasn't even food. Like batteries, and blank CDs since I have a lot of extra money on my card. We then went to Hollywood video and I bought Music and Lyrics. Love it, and million dollar baby which I've never seen but I had to get it since it was 2 for 10. We then watched Home Alone and ate ice cream. 


It was so nice, only and hour of church and I finished my paper, took a really relaxing nap, ate some cannon food, and watched a charlie brown christmas. Everyone was back though and it was kinda sad cause I miss having my own


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