Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

ok This is going to be a quick post. I am sitting in the terminal waiting for my flight to board currently so I can get back home to Maryland. I brought 2 suitcases, a pretty full backpack, and my laptop case. one of my suitcases, was like 20 pounds over the 50 pound weight limit, so I spent like 20 minutes taking out clothes and moving them around so I could fit everything.
I ended up having to unzip this front pocket thing, stuffing clothes into every crevice of my backpack, and my laptop case, and I was shuffling around with all these extra jackets and when I went through security super slow because I had to use like 3 bins to put all my stuff. I'm sure it was quite pitiful looking. I never thought/wanted to be the kind of person that hated airports, but the hassle of lugging around a gigantic backpack and bags full of haphazardly rearranged clothes sort of changed my mind about the whole ordeal. I need to fly somewhere else sometime this summer to fix my perception.

I miss the days where it didn't matter how much luggage you had. Not that I ever knew those days (I don't think. Did the early 90s have limits on luggage?) I do remember when they used to give you better snacks for free.

I sort of wish I was in an alternate reality where there were no such thing as terrorists, and therefore no annoying airport security measures, and not everyone and their grandmother flew so people like me could bring a bag without having to move all my clothes around, and people would think I'm a cool jet setter.

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