Sunday, April 11, 2010

End of the Semester

So, Its the end of the semester. I'm actually really bummed I'm not staying around for Spring or Summer. I feel like my life is so much more interesting out here. I mean, check it out:

My friends and I played Holi at the festival of colors!

I made a delicious quiche. With so much cream and bacon and cheese. All by myself! I also made an apple pie. No photos of that though... It was even more delicious

I applied to animation again. Good heavens I want to know if I have a major or not right now. (that top one got oddly cut off. oh well)

I was an extra in a cowboy movie. We went to a Saloon! how cool is that?

and besides that, I went classic skating and had cool fun dates and I made friends with fantastic people. I'm really going to miss everything and I think it would be fun to stay in the summer for a cool chiller atmosphere. I'm trying to get excited about heading back to Maryland. perhaps I'll make a list of why its awesome there, because I can only think of like, 2 things right now...

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