Thursday, March 4, 2010

Birthday Time!

So its almost time for my birthday (check out the tiara). I'll be 20 (!!!!!!) on the 16th, So I made a wishlist, as a not so subtle hint to what I would like my parents to get me for my exit out of Teenagery and into becoming a 20 something (the though kind of makes me cringe a little)

So check it out.

(I REALLY want the pink belt, the Strangers on a train fuchsia dress, and the orange shirtdress. The other things I would like a lot too, but I need the pink belt to complete this outfit I have. The other stuff is awesome too. There are only 5 of the pink aphrodite heels left so just FYI to mom and dad, if you wanna get any of this stuff for me shop quick!

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