Tuesday, March 2, 2010

what's up wit that?

So I haven't blogged in a while. Oops.
I've been reading This charming little blog, because it was mentioned in BYU's newspaper a little while ago, and I can't get over how tender it is. It made me want to write in my own blog. but mine is not nearly as cute or tender.

So there you go. A photo of me right now. I look way tired in it. Probably because I am.

So whats up with me? Well the only two three-day weekends that we get for the ENTIRE semester have whizzed by. And I'm tired of going to class and taking tests and doing homework all the time. I'm sick of spending hours and hours in the badly lit programming lab. I'm tired of going to french class every day. I really just want to just roller skate all the time, and get really good at it. Or watch the travel channel. And draw.

I actually watched the olympics this winter. I love speed skating. Apolo Anton Ohno is cool. I wish I could meet him. I follow him on twitter, so maybe if/when he comes back to salt lake, and I see a tweet like "Going to the mall" or something, I can just happen to run into him. Ha yah right.

my cousin Ryan came to town on friday. it was fun but he's sort of a pest. He's like what I imagine a brother is like. On friday we went over to Apartment A. and watched Miracle. He showed the boys there some embarrassing photos of me being tied up. They laughed. It was horrible. I swear this weekend made me more of a laughingstock to the boys there than ever before.

saturday, we had cleaning checks and after I did that, I went over to get him from apt. A, and after losing badly at FIFA soccer, (12-0 to Darren) we went to the BYU basketball game. it was pretty exciting, but we barely lost and it was lame. Then we had Panda Express, Talked a bit and went to the tennis match. It was pretty lame. Not gonna lie. Playing tennis is way more fun than watching it. Then we went to Apt. A, and played games until curfew. I tied at this one game, but my win at Disney Scene it was snatched away by Alex and Caleb. Which is ridiculous. Then we played the Great Dalmuti. Ryan called a revolution on the second round and became the Great Dalmuti. It took me like 3 months of playing the Great Dalmuti to become one. I got more teasing for that. Then we played mafia and then I left.

sunday. I had to wake up at the crack of dawn so I could go with Adam and Alex to drop Ryan off. I went to church with them at Alex's home ward in Centerville. I think there will be rumors about us dating when his parents come back from Disneyland. It was funny seeing the old ladies react when I introduced myself in relief society. Afterwards we went to Alex's house to watch the hockey game and his grandma made us dinner and stuff. It was way nice to change up the scenery.

I think that's it as far as life goes. I think this song sums how I feel about life right now


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