Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thoughts on My New Semester

Its a new semester once again, and now that my first week is finished, here is a video I made with this song by a guy named Sliimy, whom I resemble. I actually made this like, 2 months ago but my mom wanted me to post it here.

When I woke up that morning, I was very unhappy about going to class, as I felt like my break was far too short. So I grabbed my iPod off the desk and played my motivational playlist which started with Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus. Its totally my guilty pleasure song, and it motivated me to get out of bed, get dressed, and head to class.
11 AM starts off my day with intro to Programming. This class may kill me. there is SO much work that goes with it, that its going to take up a TON of my free time. The killer part is that I don't know if I actually need it. Its kind of a backup plan for me because if I apply again to the animation program, and fail, I will apply to the Computer Science- Animation Emphasis program which is why I'm taking this blasted class. The teacher explains stuff relatively well in layman's terms, which I appreciate, but there is this annoying boy who tries to make jokes about the subject, or asks stupid questions that have nothing to do with anything, and its just stupid.

12 Noon. I have French. My teacher is straight up from France, and in the previous classes, the teachers were just american students that were really good at French, so they would generally try and explain things to us in English. But since this teacher is a native French speaker, I think she's said about three things in English, and its hard to get EVERYTHING she says, but I'm surprised at the amount I DO get. I'm fairly sure I'm better at understanding French than speaking it at this point though

2 PM is when I have Swimming class. On monday the teacher just went over the syllabus. While we were in class, the swim team was practicing, and It was super intimidating to see them diving and all that into the super deep water. But at least I realized men in speedos do not weird me out anymore. Thank you figure drawing class.

5 PM I have my Greek and Roman Literature class. It was the first day of class, and the teacher told us to go and pick up the packet at this place south of campus, NOT the bookstore. That made me kind of upset. But other than that, the Professor is really passionate about the subject, and he shows it, which is awesome because some teachers, like my programming teacher for instance, you can tell really love their subject, but don't have an ounce of passion- I think that's the word- or that something which makes them really interesting to listen to. Anyway I learned a lot, even on the first day, but there were a TON of books I had to buy which was no fun.

I didn't have a notebook in which to write important things, so instead I toted around my busted sketchbook, and I think I drew more during that day than I have done in a day when I wait around for free time. So I'll do that more often.


9 AM Family History/Genealogy: So I had decided long ago to have a class every semester at 9 AM because I kind of felt that if I was awake and doing something productive by this time my day would less likely feel like it had been wasted. However, I made this resolution with Monday/Wednesday classes in mind. This Tuesday/Thursday thing is the pits, especially since I am a big time night owl. But the teacher is cool, and I'm really excited to find my ancestors.

12 Noon French again. Its french. Basically the same as ever. except this teacher is so much less lenient as far as the quizzes go than my last french teacher. C'est la vie

I went to the obscure copy center to get my packet also, and I saw my friend on the way back and he invited me over to see "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs,

4 PM (I seriously have the crappiest schedule. Its so spread out!) Figure Drawing with Cynthia. She is amazing, and I think that the environment is way better than it was with Peterson. I'm super excited about it. There are a TON of people in the class. Animation kids are fantastic.


It was basically the same as monday. Except in swimming class we actually swam. My arms were sore the day after. Also it was my friends birthday. I made funfetti cupcakes, mostly because I adore making/frosting cake. I want to take a cake decorating class. Anyway, after my Greek/Roman Lit class was over, his roommates and he came over, ate cake in the stuff your face kind of way boys tend to eat sweets, and we trekked over to the basketball game. I love basketball games I get it way more than football. and the crowd is cooler. It was super icy outside though, and I had these cute white boots that have absolutely no traction. On the way out I fell on some black ice, and it HURT. One of the boys, was basically like "Of course you fell, you're Meredith" I resented that. I'm not that klutzy am I?


Same as tuesday essentially. I got taco bell at 7 after my figure drawing class. I ran into some animation friends, and chatted, and then I walked over to the apartment of the boys I hang out with on a regular basis. Some game was on. It was over my head, They teased me about the other boys that have asked me out. and eventually we started watching Inglorious Basterds. On ClearPlay so the R stuff was cut out. It was cool, a lot of french was spoken and I could understand a lot of it. I didn't get to finish it, but apparently the violence was awful. They told me not to finish it.

This was the same as monday and wednesday except for the fact that I didn't have swimming. That night I had a date with Airplane Dan, This guy I met at the airport on my way back home for Christmas. Dan also goes to BYU so its not as creepy as it sounds. Before I went on my date, the 6 men I hang out with were like, "If he tries anything, just remember I have a saw" stuff like that. Call me crazy but I found it incredibly sweet. Let me tell you, its super nice having a bunch of guys have your back like that.

Anyway, the date was alright. We went to see Where the Wild Things Are, which was an ok movie, but it lacked closure. But maybe that was the point. We had dinner at this pizza place which was alright, and while we were waiting for our show-time we looked around blockbuster. Dan is a nice guy and everything, but he kept like, grabbing my elbow, or like nudging me every time I happened to say something funny or whatever. It got annoying, because I'm really hilarious to people out here.

I woke up at like, somewhere around 11 and 12 It was lovely, but I felt like I had wasted the day. I programmed a little bit, watched Holes, and played farmville. Super dorky. my friend Boston asked me to go to a Christmas Tree bonfire that night. It was fantastic. It was him his friend, and this sort of bubble headed girl. we had to get to Utah Lake, and the directions were vague, so we were wandering around in this icy farmy area for like an hour. it was pretty exciting. we all frolicked in the untouched snow, I saw the biggest bonfire of my life, it was ON the frozen lake, The car got stuck in the snow and we had to push. We then went to Chili's with a bunch of people at like 11 and it was so fun. Boston's friends are all incredibly fun, since most of them are in a film-like area of study. I came back home at around 1 and it was seriously one of the funnest nights I've had in a long time.

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Joel Deehr said...

Hey meredith. Youve been totally MIA this semester. But its good to see you do still exist. I must not be in the same places as you. Are you taking Robs lass this semester?