Friday, October 9, 2009

Check it out!

ok someone else put the first 5 minutes of the Princess and the Frog online. WATCH IT! ITS AWESOME!!!! the blonde Girl makes me LOL


Aaron Ludwig said...

Wow! That was fantastic--- LIFE fantastic!

CrazeeAngee said...

Meredith! I finally found and remembered your blog!! I too have started a family blog so if you ever miss the boys you can take a peek. It is not a fancy blog like yours and so many others... it is just for my family to keep up on our daily going ons. I hope you are staying mold free...keep that fan on no matter what!! We miss you. Message me your address and I promise to send you something! My blog is

Smooches to you! I love the crown!!!

Ty Carter said...

I am soooo excited!!!!