Thursday, December 16, 2010

Traveling is an adventure.

You would think leaving Provo for SLC at 1:45 for a flight at 5:14 would be plenty of time.
This is not true.
At least when 2 car wrecks are involved.

Yep we were stuck in a 3 Hour traffic jam. I shouldn't complain. There are worse ones We got off the highway, but traffic was still backed up in Sandy, UT. We were trapped there for a lot longer than I would have liked. but its OK now I get to go on a 4 leg journey that, once I get on the plane, will last 13 hours. Awesome.

I am currently sitting in the Salt Lake Airport. It is 6:45 PM and because I missed my original flight, This is how I'm getting home:
Departure-SLC 8:00 PM
Arrival-Vegas 8:27 PM
Departure-Las Vegas 11:40 PM
Arrival-Detroit 6:29 AM
Departure-Detroit: 7:30 AM
Arrival-Baltimore 9:05 AM (finally!)

About that photo; I don't wear glasses. I use them to cover up the unfortunate shadows under my eyes I got from staying up until 3AM finishing a project, and subsequently having to wake up at 6:30 to turn it in. Also, I forgot to put in my anti-frizz cream when I took a shower last night because I was really tired. So my hair is a mess. I'm going to be super cute when I land in MD.... not.

I think this is Karma for giggling at the Stake Christmas Devotional in which there were a lot of really unfortunate mishaps. Yet they were also funny. (a girl messed up away in a manger, and sung the line "the Little Lord Jesus asleep in his bed" as "Baby Jesus asleep on his head" I couldn't help myself. It all went downhill from there.)

Lately it feels like every time I fly home for christmas it turns into an adventure. All I want is to get home. I will update when I get to Vegas.

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Anjie said...

This is so college hilarious! Welcome to travel hell. You are lucky you have avoided it so long... Don't gamble in Vegas because with your streak, you may get arrested. I hear Christmas in jail is no fun. Come home and sleep long and hard. You deserve it! I bought you a cute Christmas present today. I may have to keep it!