Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wishful thinking wishlist!

Every winter before christmas I put together a wishlist of stuff I'd love to get if I were related to fabulously wealthy people. But I'm not, but its fun anyway. So here it goes:

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World on DVD. This movie is so awesome I can't handle it. $17.99

A Bowler Hat The hipster in me wants a bowler hat SO badly I can't handle it. I'd wear it all the time. I think they're so cute. $31.99 (I almost want to buy this myself, but being the tightwad I am I can't bear to part with that much money for a hat. Plus there are only 2 left. by the time I make up my mind they'll be all gone)

A gift card to There are SO MANY cute clothes on there, my wishlist for their website is way too long.

Mint Green 2002 Ford Thunderbird I love these cars. I don't know if they are old lady cars or not, but I think they are awesome. $17,599

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Graphic Novel I really like this Artist's work. and I figure its about time I get into comic books a bit. What better place to start than the Wizard of Oz? $19.79

This Sandwich: Artisan bread, smoked Gouda, provolone, salami, roasted red peppers and an over easy egg, topped with rosemary $ ?.?? However much ingredients like this cost


Trip to Europe/Iceland. I want to see the world so bad, plus I'm a big fan of the European way of life. I want to experience a different culture so badly, plus its so beautiful. And the food looks so delicious, and getting a change of pace would be wonderful. $Priceless. But also a lot Probably

Photoshop CS5. I will probably end up buying this for myself because I need it. Plus I want to get really good at digital painting.But its SO expensive. $199

But what I really want is to go home to Maryland. I'm probably not going to get any of these things (I asked for an expensive tablet for christmas so I'm not expecting anything besides that), I mean it is Wishful thinking after all. But thats ok. I just can't wait to see My family and be back in Gaithersburg.

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