Friday, December 17, 2010

Shut up and put your money where your mouth is

I'm in Las Vegas right now, and I just have to say, the airport is AWESOME. If only I was 3 months older/there weren't these intimidating guard people standing around ready to card people I'd definitely try my hand at the slots. I have this unfortunate problem (that I'm sure I won't mind in a few years) that I suppose I look a little bit younger than I am. True Story: a 16-year-old thought I was 17, and a lot of parents of people I met my first week back at school thought I was a freshman. I'm just so well preserved.

Anyway, my flight here was less than an hour, and I sat next to this really nice Samoan woman with pinkish hair where she tried to cover up the grey. She also had this scarf that resembled a feather boa. She was coming to vegas for her daughter's 21st birthday, her son plays football for the U (our rivals. so uncool). I usually meet really awesome people on planes. Airports/planes are some of the best places to talk to people/eavesdrop/ people watch.

My last flight wasn't very long at all. It was less than an hour and I was siting in the emergency row. For future reference, the emergency row is the BEST if you are in coach because it has SO much leg room, and what are the odds that there's going to be an emergency really?

My stay here may not be as glamorous as THis:

but one day maybe, I'll come here just for fun, and it will be the responsible, mormon version of this, with maybe one or two pulls on the slots just for kicks.

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