Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Airplane Adventure part 3

So I realizes I never told you what happened on my flight from Vegas to Detroit.
I ended up getting a seat next to this old guy who smelled like cigarette smoke and was carrying a motorcycle helmet. He told me he used to be a member of Hells Angels, but he left because they started caring too much about money. The guy was very chatty, and started telling jokes that would get me kicked out of BYU if I repeated them. They also weren't funny. Then this girl in front of us told him to be quiet, and he started venting to me about how people like her were what was wrong with America, and how she was such a B$%#! and thats how his wife acted which was why he was getting a divorce from her, and how he was a vietnam veteran and I don't know. he just kept talking incessantly and I just smiled and nodded and laughed when it called for it, or mmmed sympathetically when it called for that, because I didn't want this guy to be talking under his breath about how horrible of a person I was. But thankfully when the seatbelt sign when off, he got out of his seat and I snoozed until the seatbelt sign came back on, and he woke me up even though I was feigning sleep anyway, and told me we were about to land.

by the time I got to Detroit I was so tired I wanted sleep forever, then this alarm went off in the airport right as we were about to board, I was about to cry at that point because there was no way I wanted to be stuck in Detroit for longer than I had to be. But they let us board anyway, and I was so relieved, I ended up getting the whole row to myself so I stretched out and napped until the sun shone in my face and I took that photo out of the window. I love clouds. I was seriously tired, and I think that if I could have checked the baggage under my eyes at that point I would have had to pay a fine, they were so large.

I got home and I slept from 10 AM to 10 PM It was awesome.

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