Monday, June 1, 2009

Sweeping Mines

At work, I have taken to playing a lot of mine sweeper. I think I will be a pro at it by the end of the summer. The next time there is a huge war, they should let me, and JK Rowling go out and find mines (Apparently she plays it a lot and is really good at it. Who knew?). Today I was extremely tired when I went to work on account of me not being able to sleep for some reason or another last night, so I went down to the basement, flipped on the TV to Disney Channel, and went to sleep.
I awoke to my mom being annoying about how I had spilled packing peanuts on the floor and needed to clean them up, and also she was mad at me for getting makeup on her towel.

You see, yesterday I went to the singles ward, and I don't normally wear makeup at all but I have been watching Mad Men a lot lately. Its a show about men in the business of advertising all during 1960. All of them cheat on their wives. All of them smoke, and drink constantly. Even the pregnant ladies. Th women get no respect, and they see Jewish people as a completely different people. Its very interesting to watch, in that less-cheesy-than-a-soap-opera-but-just-as-addicting kind of way. Anyway, Don Draper, can be summed up in this video, and actually the whole vibe of the show as well:

He has/had this assistant named Peggy, and she, compared to the other girls looks awful with her lank hair and nasty bangs,and her pale, colorless face. I did not want to look like Peggy on my first visit to the singles ward. Since first impressions are really important, and lately I want to make everyone think I'm really chic and classy. I did not realize this when I was in middle school , or indeed most of high school, so I walked around wearing too-big shirts, and had my hair out of control. (at my hair in a ponytail used to be as big as my head. Looking back at photos from that time makes me cringe) As a result I think everyone thought of me as this huge dork/nerdy person. So now its time to throw away that image, and start anew. So, to do that I needed to cover up my nasty acne scars. and I spilled that dumb Bare Minerals makeup everywhere, and got it on my mom's white covers. and like an idiot, when I couldn't dust everything off I rubbed it in with a wet towel which naturally just made it worse. I am 19. You'd think I'd know better by now. Anyway, when I decided that I did enough damage I wiped my palms, which by this point were unnaturally brown from trying to do damage control, on my moms towel, and had to high tail it out of there. And thats the story of why my mom was mad at me this morning....

Anyway I went to work wearing black pants, a white shirt and penny loafers a la Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face

I feel like I can only wear penny loafers if I have recently seen Funny Face because, I feel like they are kind of old person shoes. At least mine are patent leather so it youths them down a little.

At work I sad and played minesweeper, and did nothing until the owner was like "are you keeping busy?"
I was like "Oh ya" which is a lie, but the work folder she has me do makes me want to shoot myself. Figuratively of course. The spreadsheets and shortening the word "Lane" to "Ln" or "Avenue" to "Ave" in the addresses so they can spend less money on ink.

its so boring,

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Aaron Ludwig said...

Man, sounds like you're having fun. There's gotta be a minesweeper world tournament somewhere. You would probably take second place (to J.K. of course). (No, J.K. and I are not on a "first two initials" basis.)