Sunday, January 4, 2009

Post-Holiday Gloom

Ah I am back in the dorms, And I really don't want to be. School stinks. I had fun over vacation, and I am not looking forward to this whole school thing. Being home gave me some hindsight about BYU and It made me wonder what I thought was so fun about this place. The air is too dry. I forgot my face lotion. you can do the math. I don't think anyone really missed me either, because did anyone write on my facebook wall saying how much they missed me like they did with everyone else? No! well no one except my home friends. Grr. Well I see how it is everyone! Now I do not even feel bad for getting lame christmas presents. Ah Clearly I am bitter about this whole being back at school thing. BYU is a good school and everything, I just didn't get to see enough of my home friends to be satisfied. 

Ah, I am so not looking forward to the next four months at this point. Maybe monday will be better...

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Anonymous said...

Cheer up Mer. It's always tough when a vacation ends and it's time to go back to work. At least at BYU you can have some fun while you're working hard. Luv, Dad.