Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Day of Class

So here is what went down on the first day of class, and maybe you'll see why I am stressed. 

One of my lymph nodes is swollen and is really irritating and hurts and is poky feeling in my throat and I dislike that feeling. 
I am having some serious altitude sickness, My head has been hurting all day, and I feel a difference in the air from the way it was back home in Maryland. I dunno It is harder to breathe here for me. I hope I don't develop like, asthma or something. Anyway, I've felt sickish all day because of the sore throat and the altitude sickness. 
I had to wake up at like 7:45 to get ready for my class at 9- Social dance, which doesn't look like it is going to be bad. Except I need new shoes and I can't really find anything that I like- the ones from target I did like don't come in my size, and the only ones that are left are these lame-o yellow ones and I don't really wear that much yellow. Especially in winter. So I went on amazon.com and will probably get these: 
Punkrose Women's Giana Star PumpPunkrose Women's Giana Star Pump
I am just going to wait for my mom to approve or whatever and then I will buy them. The heel is short enough and wide enough that I guess they will be fine, and they are more versatile as far as matching go. 

Then I had an hour between classes so I went to the bookstore , and bought a few books for my classes,which were over 200 dollars! Ah that burns me up inside. Anyway I was like dying the whole time because I had my huge coat on since it was cold out, and my head was killing me. and everything. After that I went out to see which building my french class would be in and I wandered around a bit until...

American Heritage Class! that class looks like it will be cool. The teacher seems pretty cool and everything so thats good. I dunno I hear that he is a good teacher but his tests are killer. We'll see. I am good at remembering facts, so maybe I'll do ok...

Then was french. The teacher is young and everything so thats cool, but it seems like its going to be hard. I am having flashbacks of my middle school days with french and they were not pleasant. I will try harder in this class and I vow to work on rosetta stone 30 mins-1 Hour each day. We'll see how that works out. 

Then Book of Mormon. I don't know about this one since the teacher didn't even show up. A TA told us about the class. So there you have it

So why am I stresses you ask? WELL, All the kids in the animation major were like "oh you really need to take figure drawing" that is a problem for me at the present time because: I don't have room in my schedule to fit this 3 credit hour class! That means I either have to drop American Heritage, or French, and I don't know which one to do! AH! Stressful! BUT this girl in my animation class told me she tried to add figure drawing earlier, and t was like totally full! People have been waiting on this class since like the beginning of LAST SEMESTER!
I'm going to try and add it, but I am not really hopeful at this point. I'll think of something... I could always teach myself figure drawing I guess... ah, I need a break!


mikaela said...

Hi my name is mikaela and i'm from sweden. I'll be coming as a freshman to byu this fall and I happened upon your blog when I was looking at byu students artblogs :p don't mean to stalk or anything, i just really like looking at other people's art. especially when they're in the school i'm gonna go to :) Inspirational? yes indeed :)

So I have a question, I saw you got into your figure drawing class and well,, how did you do it? I really really want to take that class. and I can't really register for it since i'm not a visual arts major yet.. only pre-animation major :) I'd be superthankful for an answer! And I hope you get into the program :) //mikaela

Meredith said...

Wow thats cool. Welcome to BYU! I hope you like it. I'm glad you came across my blog. I made it so people would read it, so there you go.

To get into a figure drawing class, you have to find out when and where it is and go on the first day with an "Add/Drop" card which you can get at various locations around campus such as the one stop area at the Wilkonson center, or the Cannon center office near Helaman Halls.

The teachers understand that in order to get into the animation program, you need figure drawing, but you can't sign up for figure drawing unless you are in the program, so they will most likely let you add the class unless there are a lot of people who are already in the program signed up for it. That happened to me so I ended up having to take a rather late class, but it was all worth it to improve in my figure drawing skills which were seriously lacking, although I didn't realize it at the time.

BYU also has open figure drawing classes on friday mornings where a model comes in and does various poses. Its a great place to practice. There are no instructors though but most of the students are very nice and willing to share tips with you.

Good luck! -Meredith

mikaela said...

Thank you so much :) You really saved me from a lot of worrying now xD
I'll talk to the professors when I get there and hopefully i'll get into a class :)

Good luck with everything you too //Mikaela