Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Its Just Hocus Pocus"

So I've been kinda busy lately, and here's what I've been doing! 
1. I saw hocus pocus at the Varsity theatre yesterday. It was great! when we got there the tickets were all SOLD OUT! so we were all sad, this guy had one extra ticket, but as there were three of us, one ticket just wouldn't cut it. Then we overheard these girls talking about having these extra tickets, so they had two and then Abby went in, found the guy who offered us that other ticket and we all got in for free! 

2. Animation class! I have to spend a TON of time drawing people outside class. I need to fill up ten sketchbook pages per week just doing observational life gesture drawings, meaning I have to sit in the library or the Canon Center or wherever and draw unsuspecting passers-by. Its kind of awkward because I feel like a creeper, staring at people or whatever. However, while perusing the books on the fifth floor of the library, I found all these books that look so ancient! really I looked at a few and I can't be sure, but they look like they're from the 1800s. There are no copyright dates on them but they were published during that time and one of them LOOKED like it had the signature of the author or somebody in a really flourished handwriting, that people don't have anymore and it also looked like straight from the inkwell kind of ink. Cool right? Anyway, back to my original point, We animated bouncing balls. Mine was good, except the second bounce didn't follow the arc quite right. I'm redoing it and I'm going to reshoot it tomorrow sometime. Hopefully.
3. Ward Halloween Party! Last saturday was my ward's halloween party. I went as a hippie. At the time I was way pissed off because no one was helping me with my costume, everyone was just helping Chanel and Abby find stuff at DI because, I dunno everyone likes them more than me because Chanel is funny and everything even sometimes it gets a little old or whatever.  ANYWAY I was mad and I was so about to not even go to the Ward party because I thought my costume would be lame. but it turned out alright. I went to the ward party for about 10 minutes, and left and went...

4. Bowling with Tanner and Hyrum! The way fun boys from Merrill Hall. These were the same boys that were in the group I played all those games with those times back in September. It was fun bowling in a hippie costume, and they are way fun guys to be around. There was this other girl there from BYU-Idaho too that was friends with Tanner, and she was cool too. I didn't do so well at bowling but it was ok because it was fun. Then Hyrum had to leave to go do homework, and Tanner, that other girl whose name escapes me and I all walked over to Wendy's and met up with those other girls who were friends with Tanner and were also there those game nights. Then we walked over to Yozone, which is this great self-serve frozen yogurt place. They weigh your yogurt by the ounce. its 32 cents per ounce which isn't bad. Then we walked back to the dorms and I stood outside talking to Tanner for a bit and Jeremy was there too, he came over from this game of red rover they were playing in the dark. It was way nice. 

I dunno. I feel like there's more to say but I can't think of anything right now. 

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