Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bad Day

Ugh today has been kind of a bad day. I'm so not happy. 
To start, I woke up kind of late. I was WAY tired and my eye was hurting again. So I went to class but I didn't enjoy it barely at all because I was preoccupied with my eye hurting 
So then, after Book of Mormon I THOUGHT my animation class was going to start. Its a tuesday/thursday class and today's wednesday, but my schedule said it started today so I went there, and these kids were in the room and were all "Yeah thats not this class. You missed it, it happened at 9" Which is retarded because that conflicts with my other schedule and i got an email months ago saying the class changed to 1-2:50 room F230 in the HFAC. I'm 99% sure I'm supposed to show up tomorrow, so we'll see what happens.
Anyway so, my schedule for the day being a lot cleared up, I went to the student health center so get my eye checked out. The nurse practitioner woman said it looked like a corneal abrasion that followed the line of my iris which is weird because I don't wear contacts So I had to get some more eye meds. I had a corneal abrasion last year too. this SUCKS! except last year it hurt way worse. but really. this is getting ridiculous. 
so then I was way hungry and ate all alone and I was bummed because there was no animation class, and I had a corneal abrasion and now I have to go to class. 
I'm not having a good day. At least I have a good excuse if it turns out there was animation class today at 9. I can be like, "I had a corneal abrasion and I was getting that checked out" 

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