Sunday, October 19, 2008


ok let me tell you about my life in the past two days. 

Yesterday I went on a date with Jake. It was a double date which alleviated the awkwardness a little. Sorry I didn't take any photos. So we went out near the volley ball courts and we made attempted to make giant soap bubbles with dishwashing liquid, since Jake couldn't find legit bubble soap. It was pretty fun and we got a couple big bubbles out of it. Then, we went to Legends Grille and had dinner, it was pretty good they take a long time to get your food but whatever. Anyway it was fun the boys kept talking about some comedian I'd never heard of though but whatever. Anyway, the other boy is a member of the astronomy club and there was like a thing in the Eyring Science Center and we saw this thing about all the stars and like right at the beginning when it got all dark, Jake like tapped me and was like "Meredith you're really pretty" and I'm like "Um Thanks" Haha I think I suck at taking compliments. So then we looked at all the constellations and whatnot, which was dumb because of course they showed like, ALL the stars so it was really hard to see even the familiar constellations. Then there was a little break and we waited around and then saw october sky, about this kid who's dad was a coal miner and he was probably gonna be a coal miner, and then he saw sputnik and got inspired to build rockets, and won the national science fair or something, and this his dad became proud of him and he went on to work for NASA. It was weird cause we had to watch it on the ceiling of the planetarium. During the movie there was this one part where the Jake Gyllenhaal's friend was like, telling him how to do that move where you put your arm around the girl and he tried that but it was not even smooth cause he like, whacked me on the top of the head. So it was like, joke-y. 

Then we walked back to Hinkley Hall and played foozball and chatted a bit. When he walked me back to my dorm, he was like rubbing my arms cause it gets really cold at night and I had no jacket and then he went to hug me goodnight and was like, swinging me around and so was making it linger was longer than necessary. I dunno I am not really a touchy person. I don't even really like hugging my friends or anything. So I dunno it was weird. He so is going to ask me out again cause he was hinting about it. 

Tonight I saw Divine Comedy with this dude Jeremy and that was funny. I didn't think it was like THAT funny but it was alright. I'm used to Dave Chappelle sketches and Russell Peters stuff which are way funny. Then I came back and this girl was like "wanna go to a bonfire?" and I was like "I dunno" and then she said hot Taylor was there and then I was like, of course I wanna go. So we went meaning me, Chanel, Abby and Rachel and we found everybody and it was kind of embarrassing because I go and say hi and trip over something. I've been really clumsy lately I dropped my phone last week and the corners got a little scratched, and I trip over stuff all the time. Its kind of pathetic I guess. Anyway Taylor was kind of obnoxious, he would keep saying how much he hated the things we liked and he kept telling Rachel how much he hated her like best friends growing up. I think thats really horrible. On the car ride home we were talking about stuff and he kept saying how much he thought what we liked was stupid and everything. By the end of the night I was getting really disappointed. I mean he seemed really nice and everything but I guess he isn't. It totally bummed me out big time.  

I feel like I'm in kind of a gloomy mood. I'll probably be like this for a while, unless something makes me happy. Like hot taylor saying "I was lying about all the stuff I said I hated and you're really cool and way prettier than my tv star ex girlfriend and I won't be such a snob" Psh Yeah right. 

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