Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Weekend!

 My weekend was unexpectedly good. Friday was Halloween, and I thought it would be way lame since I couldn't really go trick-or-treating as a college kid. So instead, the kids of the students at Wymount came over to the dorms. I had 4 bags of candy, and those kids wiped me out! Thats probably because I felt bad, and my suite-mates were gone so I worked both my door and their door. It was funny, people were way confused. The kids thought I was magic, and a few of the parents thought I had like, a twin or something next door since the didn't realize that the rooms were connected by a bathroom. 
Then my Abby (my suitemate) and her friend Emily came over to be something for Halloween, they were baseball players. Then Emily left to her own dorm for a bit to get ready or something, and me and Abby were trying to decide what to do. some other girls on my floor were going to some party somewhere, but not being a very big "party girl" I so didn't want to go. So we went and got Emily, and at her dorm there was like, a dance party but it still being early in the night, only like, 9 people were there. So we walked around and saw some people form our ward. We wanted to go to the haunted house at Stover Hall but someone broke it or something, so we walked up to campus to go to the haunted house at the Clyde Building. When we got there though, the line was forever long, so we got out of the line, and walked around a bit, kind of messing around like one guy kept hiding in bushes and scaring people and stuff, and we were trying to decide what to do for a long time, and eventually, Me, Emily, Abby, Jason, and Nate all just went back to "Helaman-o-ween" which was the stuff at our dorms. By then the dance was better, it actually had spilled outside, but we went over to Taylor Hall where there was hot chocolate and candy in this big cauldron. Since those kids took ALL my candy I kept grabbing handfuls of candy and stuffed them into styrofoam cups, but eventually I just got an empty candy bag, and put my stash in there and hid it in my hippie vest haha. Then the group of people I was with originally left to go watch the Grudge and I was there alone for like 2 seconds when I saw Tanner, Hyrum, Thomas, Suzi, Megan, and Sarah (those people I played games with those times at the beginning of the year) They invited me to hand out with them, so I ran back to my dorm, put my candy in there, and went back. Abby and Emily saw me and they were like, teasing me for hanging out with those boys, since the girls went somewhere else to go take photos or something. I went outside, and they were there, and the girls left to go meet up with their friend. So it was basically just me and all the boys went to the dance thing. It was cool cause I was the only girl with a bunch of guys. When It was over, I was sitting outside with Tanner and Jeremy and two other girls came and we just talked for a while until visiting hours were over, at like 1:30 and then I went to bed. 

Saturday, I woke up, got this animation book in the mail, ate, and then went up on campus to go draw people. Then at like 4 or something, I saw Tanner coming out of the library, since I was sitting outside drawing people. I was like "Hey!" and he came over, and I helped him study a little for chemistry by quizzing him, then we went and ate some gross pizza at freshetta in the cougareat. Then Me, Abby and Emily went to the mall, and got our eyebrows waxed, and Tanner texts me and is like "Hey hide and go seek in the library! Meet outside the west entrance at 9 30!! Invite whoever you want" I didn't have his number in my phone so I was like who is this? and it was him, and Abby and Emily were like, "ooh he must be asking about you" and stuff haha Then we saw high school musical 3 (so good), and then I text him and he calls and invites me over to some friends in heritage halls. so I go and we chat and ate cookies and then walked back. 

Sunday I saw him after church. My shoes have holes in the bottom which is no fun. my roommates are funny and tease me about him.

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