Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I am an Animation Major

I got the letter in the mail today. I am officially A BYU Animation Major.

After two years of working really hard. I finally made it. I'm so happy.
On saturday, I heard two of my friends got in, but my major hadn't changed online, so I had convinced myself I failed once again. I cried and whined on my tumblr on sunday, because my great aunt is in town we went to DC. I tried not to think about it but I was so bummed the whole time. Especially in the art museum. Then I get home from babysitting and I opened the mailbox. A BYU letter is waiting. My hands were shaking and I saw the word "pleased" rather than "regret" and I FREAK out and run in shrieking. Best day ever. 8/9/10 was good to me.


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Congratulations on that.
Something that I wanted to be , but never made it in that direction.