Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shoe Envy

Ok here is a secret. I am crazy about shoes. I came across these shoes by Annabel Winship, and I automatically wished I was super rich so I could buy some of these

(These remind me of a pair of blue suede sketchers boots with silver stars I had in 4th grade I loved those boots so much but I grew out of them so fast. I wish I could find a pair my size now. These are kind of like those but with red stars. and heels.)

Yes, they are kind of weird, and funky, but thats why I love them. Too bad they are all between £190 and £370. Yes that is Pounds instead of Dollars, which means they are even more expensive than it looks at first glance. I can't justify spending $200+ on shoes But I can dream. Especially when my sneakers look like this:

These were my favorite, but they also have holes in the bottom, which let water in when its wet out, and wet socks suck, plus the straps along the top, which are held together with velcro, no longer fasten super well, plus there is the fact that there is a huge gaping hole in the back. I don't have the heart to throw them out but I probably will when I move apartments. They were super cool though. *sigh*

I got these over the summer, and I've walked holes in the toes, and on the sides. I walk a lot. What can I say?

Also theses Bass Shoes that are coming out supposedly sometime for the Spring/Summer line make make me drool. I want these so, so bad. I think they will be more affordable than the Winship shoes, but, you never know. UGH I LOVE SHOES

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