Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello my bloggy people!

Today was my first day of school. I had ALL 5 of the classes I signed up for today. I just have a bunch of lame-o generals, (American Heritage, Bio 100...) and I am going to try and add figure drawing tomorrow (fingers crossed) either Petersen at 4-6:50, or Barksdale 7-9:50. I hope its the earlier one I get, because I HATED ending class at almost 10 last semester.

I will add photos of my apartment tomorrow. Its sort of dungeon-like. And my mattress has weird stains. I threw up some posters, mostly Andy Warhol (I really like him) and a couple Audrey Hepburn.

I finally got my scanner/printer reunited with my computers, and some sketches will be posted.
In the meantime, check out this blog by a Pixar artist: http://cchua001.blogspot.com/

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