Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Today was Barack Obama's inauguration day and it was really cool. I didn't actually get to SEE the speech since Utah is un-democratic or something and they didn't close school or open it late or anything like they did in Maryland. But I saw the part where Bush flew away in his little helicopter. It was cool, everyone was staring at the TV in the Wilk. I'm sort of mad that I wasn't in Maryland today though. That would have been cool. But the speech he gave was moving and totally inspiring, and if he lives up to what he wants to make with the country than it will be totally great and America will be what it is supposed to be. I liked his bit about the forefathers, because it seems like America was totally great back in those days, everyone was proud of their country and it held so much promise. So hopefully Obama can make it like that again. Or at least fix America's whole pollution thing and turn it into a less wasteful nation. We'll see what happens. I hope he does a great job. 

In other news, I think I lost my green beret and I'm very upset. It was a great hat and I have no idea where the heck it could be. I checked lost and found and its nowhere. I also lost one of my pink gloves. Its SO obnoxious. I'm going to go up there and check again. I WANT MY BERET!!!!!! 

Ah time for dinner and then the longest/latest class of my life. 

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Anonymous said...

I also loved the inauguration--especially the sight of 1 million+ people packed solidly from the Capitol to beyond the Washington Monument. I was struck by the comment I kept hearing from so many people in the crowd--"now I can believe that anything is possible." Appreciate what this election meant to the millions of people who had been taught that there were dreams they couldn't dream. What a wonderful day for our nation. - Dad